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The instruction for use of dietary supplement to AKTEH food Structure on 1 tablet: Active agents: The L-carnitine fumarates – 344, 42 mg Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) – 193, 85 mg of Pido-Zink® of zinc pidolat – 56, 25 mg N-Acetylcysteinum – 100 mg of the Ginkgo of a bilob (Ginkgo biloba L.) – 80 mg Vitamin E – 60 mg Coenzyme Q10 – 53.29 mg Inositol – 27.06 mg L-methionine Selenium – 11.55 mg Excipients: microcrystalline cellulose – 320 mg, hydroxypropyl cellulose – 30 mg, silicon dioxide – 51 mg, magnesium stearate – 10.58 mg. Tablet cover: a hydroksipropilmetiltsellyuloza, stearic acid, microcrystalline cellulose, E171, dye – E132. Physiological action: Dietary supplement is applied to Akten food in cardiovascular diseases (heart failure, coronary heart disease, a hypertension, atherosclerosis), has the significant antiedematous effect, activates glutathione synthesis — an important factor of a chemical detoxication, is used at the disturbances of the antioxidant status of an organism connected with adverse environmental conditions. Gives the most suitable and full addition of elements which protect and interact with spermatozoa at different stages of their life and functional cycle, from differentiation before maturing in a male genital tract, thus, promoting acquisition of the impregnating properties by them. L - the carnitine fumarates - this form of a L-carnitine promotes burning of fat deposits, transporting fatty acids (structural elements of fat deposits) in a mitochondrion where fatty acids are split and transformed to energy and also maintains health of a cardiovascular system, by decrease in level of cholesterol in blood, thereby reduces the probability of developing of heart attacks and strokes. Also is in high concentration in appendages and spermatozoa. Its molecules promote power generation therefore it plays very important role in mobility of spermatozoa. By means of clinical trials it is proved what mobility of spermatozoa and their maturing is connected, with concentration of a free carnitine in appendages. Vitamin C and E are important antioxidants in an organism. They play a key role in fight against free radicals and prevent peroxide oxidation of lipids and oxidizing damage of DNA and proteins. The deficiency of vitamin E causes problems with a reproduction, neurologic disturbances, including weakening of reflexes, weakness of extremities, an anesthesia in hands and legs and difficulty with walking, immunological disturbances and hemolytic anemia (destruction of erythrocytes). Vitamin C strengthens a cardiac muscle, well affects vessels, preventing development of arteriosclerosis and interfering with formation of cholesteric plaques on walls of vessels. Clinical trials showed that use of vitamin E improves mobility of sperm. Zinc - participates in free radical oxidation of lipids, stabilizing covers of membranes, protecting them from the damages arising owing to reoxidation. Zinc is required for secretion, producing and utilization of the insulin which is taking part in exchange of carbohydrates. Zinc preserves against destruction of a beta cell of a pancreas which synthesize insulin. Takes part in exchange processes which happen in adrenal glands, a thyroid gland, a hypophysis, ovaries and seed plants. It is necessary for forming of male sex hormones and a healthy condition of a prostate. It is required for formation of transmitters mediators. It is supposed that disturbance of exchange of zinc can provoke Alzheimer's disease. The lack of zinc causes dysfunction of testicles and leads to decrease in amount of sperm. Under the influence of drugs of zinc the level of sex hormones increases. Use of drugs of zinc is relevant in the male infertility and anomalies of a spermatogenesis caused by various factors, in particular infectious diseases, harmful working conditions, action of ionizing radiation. Except the known antioxidant action, he participates in all aspects of a men's reproduction, including semen hormone metabolism, ripening and mobility. N-Acetylcysteinum - thanks to existence of free sulfhydryl group Acetylcysteinum renders the significant antioxidant, anti-toxic, immunomodulatory action, neutralizes the free radicals who are formed in an organism even at normal metabolic activity. Acetylcysteinum activates glutathione synthesis — an important factor of a chemical detoxication. Because of the antioxidant properties, it is necessary for maintaining viability of seed cells. Actually, the oxidative stress is one of the main causes of male infertility and a considerable share of the men suffering from infertility have high concentration of active forms of oxygen in semen. Clinical trials showed that N-Acetylcysteinum can reduce the level of these molecules. The ginkgo of a bilob - improves cerebral circulation and supply of a brain with oxygen and glucose. Has vazoreguliruyushchy effect on all vascular system: arteries, veins, capillaries. Promotes improvement of a blood-groove, interferes with aggregation of erythrocytes. Has the braking impact on a factor of activation of thrombocytes. Develops the antioxidant and cleaning action against free radicals. Besides, it improves the general peripheral circulation, including cerebral and genital microcirculation. In most cases impotence happens because of low inflow of blood to erectile fabric and the last a research showed that this plant is extremely useful for treatment of this disorder. The positive action provided to a ginkgo is obvious at all four stages of a sexual cycle: desire, excitement, orgasm and ejaculation. Coenzyme Q10 - participates in synthesis of ATP in cells, protects cells from action of free radicals, promotes recovery of activity of other antioxidants, interferes with adjournment of cholesterol on walls of vessels. Coenzyme Q10 is produced and is present at all cells of an organism. Mainly it is provided in mitochondrions where takes active part in processes of cellular respiration. Is antioxidant with protective properties against free radicals. This molecule is involved in all power processes in an organism. It is proved that coenzyme Q10 increases quantity and mobility of spermatozoa. Inositol (B8 vitamin) - getting to back and the brain, inositol (B8 vitamin) in a significant amount collects in cellular membranes. It is connected with the fact that at emergence of stressful situations inositol at once begins to be spent, preventing serious consequences which can come because of its shortage in these bodies. If in brain cells B8 vitamin contains in enough, then it stimulates mental activity, improves concentration of attention and ability to storing, reduces fatigue of a brain. Therefore at excessive loads of nervous system (for example, for examination during the session) preventive intake of this substance is recommended. Reproductive function of men and women also depends on inositol content in an organism. To direct participation of this substance there is a start of process of division of an ovum after its fertilization. The deficiency of B8 vitamin can cause infertility. As antioxidant it can be useful in treatment of male infertility and improvement of quality of sperm. Besides, it reduces viscosity of semen that enhances mobility of spermatozoa. Selenium - the most important element of antioxidant protection of an organism. Is a part of a glyutationperoksidaza - the enzyme neutralizing the most dangerous and aggressive free radicals, with what other antioxidants are not able to cope. It is applied at treatment of arrhythmia. Promotes removal from an organism of the poisonous metals (cadmium, mercury, lead) injuring a cardiac muscle. At people with the low content of selenium in blood the risk of a coronary artery disease is 70% higher, in comparison with norm. Protects heart tissues from air hunger. It is important for functions of a thyroid gland as the enzyme activating thyroid hormone (T4) depends on it. Selenium protects a thyroid gland from the damaging action of free radicals that can lead to a hypothyroidism. Promotes growth of hair. Interferes with aging process. Reduces negative actions of adverse ecological factors. Except the antioxidant action on spermatozoa, this enzyme can be responsible for maintenance of structure of sperm. Positive influence of selenium on quality of sperm proves its use in treatment of male infertility. Indications: For improvement of cerebral circulation and supply of a brain with oxygen and glucose, Distsirkulyatornaya encephalopathy of various etiology, including at patients of advanced age, at memory disturbances, decline in the ability to training, Prevention and complex treatment of cardiovascular diseases, heart failure, coronary heart disease, a hypertension, atherosclerosis, raises resistance to air hunger of a brain and a cardiac muscle, Prevention and complex treatment of an asthenic syndrome (asthenia), a syndrome of chronic fatigue (increased fatigue and fatigue), Strengthens the immune system, increases the general operability of an organism, Is performed at disturbance of an erection, when planning conception, in complex therapy of male infertility, decrease in mobility of spermatozoa, improves quality of sperm, Warns and slows down processes of aging in an organism, the Route of administration and doses: The recommended day dose 1 tablet a day in intervals between meals. Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to one or several components. Period of pregnancy and lactation. Children's age up to 14 years. Special instructions: At combined use with anticoagulants or antiagregant of thrombocytes, consult with the doctor. ACTIN DOES NOT CONTAIN GLUTEN, LACTOSE AND GLUCOSE. Storage conditions: To store in the dry, cool, protected from light place, at a temperature not above 25 °C. To store out of children's reach! The expiration date is specified on packing. Form of release and packing: Tablets No. 45. On 15 tablets in the blister, on 3 blisters in a pack from cardboard. Producer: ERBOZETA S.p.A, Strada delle Seriole, 41/43 – Loc.Gavalotto, 47894, Kyezanuova, the Republic of San Marino for Perrery Farmaceutici S.r.L., Corso San Lorenzo 1 - 37026 Pescantina, Verona, Italy the Organization accepting claims on quality of products in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan: 050022, Almaty, Masangchi St. 98 A, office 41
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