Aciclostad 5g of 2% cream in the tube

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Ingredient: Acyclovir
Ациклостад® cream

the International unlicensed

name Acyclovir Structure
in 1 g kremaaktivny substance - acyclovir 50 mgvspomogatelny substances - dimetikon 3 mg, polyethyleneglycol of a glitserol stearate of 50 mg, cetyl alcohol of 15 mg, liquid paraffin of 50 mg, propylene glycol of 150 mg, vaseline of white 90 mg, water

the Homogeneous mass of white or almost white color cleaned 592 mg the Description

Pharmokologichesky group
Antiviral means

the Pharmacological
Acyclovir properties is active concerning Herpes simplex 1 and 2 of types, the Varicella zoster virus, Epstein's virus Barre and cytomegaloviruses. The thymidinekinase of the cells infected with a virus through a number of consecutive reactions actively will transform acyclovir to mono - di - and acyclovir triphosphate. The last interacts with a virus DNA-polymerase and is built in DNA which is synthesized for new viruses. Thus, defective virus DNA is formed that leads to suppression of replication of new generations of viruses.
The pharmacokinetics
At local use is practically not soaked up through the injured skin, does not get to a system blood stream.

Herpes simplex of skin of lips and genital herpes.

Hypersensitivity to acyclovir or any other ingredient of drug.

Use at pregnancy and a lactation
the Attending physician has to estimate carefully a ratio of the expected advantage and possible risk of use of the drug Aciclostad® for pregnant women. At use of the drug Aciclostad® in breast milk the presence of active ingredient - acyclovir was revealed. Therefore, during a course of treatment it is necessary to stop feeding by a breast.

A route of administration and doses
Outwardly to apply a thin film of cream on an affected area of skin of 5 times a day, every 4 hour. Use a cotton plug with which cause the necessary amount of cream sufficient for a covering of an affected area of skin. When putting the drug Aciclostad® you watch that cream covered not only places with visible signs of defeat by herpes (bubbles, swellings, reddenings), but also the neighboring sites of skin. If drug is applied with hands, then it is necessary to wash up carefully hands before and after the procedure of treatment to prevent possible additional infection of affected areas of skin (for example, bacteria) or, respectively, transfer of viruses on yet not infected sites of a mucous membrane and skin. Duration of the Aciclostad® drug treatment is established by the doctor. As a rule, the period of treatment is 5 days, in some cases treatment should be continued until bubbles do not become covered by a crust or will not heal. However duration of treatment should not exceed 10 days.

Side effect
At approach of any adverse effects which are not noted in this insert we ask to inform on it your doctor. After use of the drug Aciclostad® the temporary burning sensation or prickings on the processed sites of skin can be noted. Reddening, dryness or peeling of the leather processed by drug was sometimes observed. There are a morbidity, an itching, skin rash and a vulvitis. There are rare messages about allergic reactions on skin (contact dermatitis) of the drugs appearing after use containing acyclovir. In most cases by tests for allergic reactions it is revealed that the specified skin reactions were caused rather by the ingredients which are a part of cream than active agent acyclovir. The possible reason of reactions can consist also in contact dermatitis which is suffered by the patient, especially at expressiveness of these phenomena on the sites of skin which are not covered with cream.

Interaction with other medicines
Strengthening of effect is noted at co-administration of immunostimulators.

A release form
external use Cream in tubas on 2 or 5 g, each tuba together with the instruction for use is placed in a cardboard pack.

Special instructions
Previously consult to your attending physician if you lowered immunity.It is already necessary to apply to achievement of the best effect of Aciclostad® at an early stage of a disease, t.e at once after detection of the first symptoms of herpes (burning, an itching, discomfort, reddening). Strictly observe the mode of prescribing of the drug Aciclostad® ordered by the doctor. During all course it is not necessary to stop treatment of earlier put term independently. In case of disturbance of the scheme of drawing, it is necessary to continue treatment according to appointed (but do not use cream more often than it is necessary also thicker layer). Skin drawing cream should not be applied on mucous membranes of an oral cavity, a nose, eyes and a vagina. Ациклостад® does not prevent transfer of herpes sexually therefore during treatment it is necessary to abstain from sexual contacts, even in the absence of clinical manifestations. Drug Aciclostad® use can lead (cream) for treatment of a herpes simplex of genitals or anal area along with use of latex condom to decrease in durability of condom in connection with existence in composition of medical cream of paraffin and vaseline.

Storage conditions
At a temperature not above 25 °C, out of children's reach.

Expiration date
of 5 years. Do not use drug after the expiration of the specified expiration date.

Prescription status
Without prescription.
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