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Abaktal 400 mg / 5 ml 10s solution for injection in ampoules

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Ingredient: Pefloxacin
ABAKTAL (ABAKTAL) pefloxacin Structure and Packaging: Active agent — a pefloksatsina mezilat a dihydrate. Tablets of 0.4 g on 10 and 50 pieces in packing. Dry matter for injections of 0.4 g in ampoules on 10 pieces in packing. Pharmacological action: Antimicrobial means of group of ftorkhinolon of bactericidal action. Possesses a broad spectrum of activity which includes the majority of gram-negative microorganisms (pyocyanic, hemophilic and intestinal sticks, shigellas, salmonellas, meningokokk, gonokokk, some types of enterococci). It is active concerning many strains of the stafilokokk (which are producing and not producing penicillinase metitsillinrezistentny) and also a kampilobakter, legionell, mycoplasmas, chlamydias. To rezistentna drug gram-negative anaerobe bacterias, spirochetes, Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Indications: Urinary tract infections, airways, biliary tract, infectious and inflammatory diseases of an abdominal cavity and bodies of a small pelvis, bones, joints, the skins, a septicaemia and other infections caused by microorganisms, sensitive to a pefloksatsin. Dosing mode: Establish individually depending on localization and weight of a course of an infection and also sensitivity of a microorganism. The average dose of drug for oral administration makes 0.8 g/days in 2 receptions. In infections of a heavy course the drug is administered in/in by drop infusion during 1 h in 250 ml of 5% of solution of glucose. The first dose can be 0.8 g, each 12 h enter further 0.4 g. Correction of the mode of dosing is required from patients with an abnormal liver function: at insignificant disturbances drug each 24 h appoint in a dose 0.4 g, at more significant disturbances — each 36 h, in heavy pathology of a liver the interval between introductions is extended up to 2 days. Side effect: Are possible — nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, an abdominal pain, a headache, dizziness, feeling of fatigue, insomnia, a skin itching, a small tortoiseshell, a photosensitization, myalgia, an arthralgia, candidiasis, a leukopenia, a neutropenia, thrombocytopenia. Contraindications: Pregnancy, a lactation, age up to 15 years, deficit glyukozo-6-fosfatdegidrogenazy, hypersensitivity to a pefloksatsin and other drugs of a hinolonovy row. Special instructions: With care appoint drug sick with atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain, disturbance of cerebral circulation, epilepsy, a convulsive syndrome of an unspecified etiology, with the profound abnormal liver functions. During drug treatment the patients should not be exposed to UF-radiation.
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