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Zinerit powder for 30 ml of the solution (the external application)




Instruction for medical use of the drug SINNERITE (ZINERYT)

Registration number: P No. 013569/01

Trade name: SINNERITE

Dosage form: powder for preparation of solution for external use complete with solvent and the applicator.

Ingredients: Packing of drug represents two bottles, one of which contains active agents in the form of powder, and another auxiliary components in the form of solution. Before mixing the contents of bottles have the following Ingredients:

Active agents
(in the first bottle)
quantity (mg / 30 ml)
* Quantity
taking into account 3.35%
* Quantity
taking into account 5%

Erythromycin of 100% (Ph.Eur.)

1200 1240 1302

Zinc acetate the dihydrate
micronized (Ph.Eur.)

360,0 372,0 389,4

Auxiliary components
(in the second bottle)
quantity (mg / 30 ml)

Diisopropyl sebakat
7.81 (8.36 ml)

Ethanol (Ph.Eur.)
17.1 (21.6 ml)

1 ml of the prepared drug
has the following Ingredients:

Erythromycin of 100
% 40 mg

of Zinc acetate the dihydrate micronized
12 mg

Diisopropyl sebakat
0.25 g

of 0.55 g

* amount of active components, erythromycin and zinc of acetate of a dihydrate it is increased by 3.35% for the purpose of compensation of their concentration at preparation of ready drug which nominal volume increases when mixing active components with solvent (each 1000 mg of powder are equivalent to 0.79 ml).

** additional increase in amount of active components, erythromycin and zinc of acetate of a dihydrate, by 5% is connected with maintaining the stated concentration of ready drug at storage.

Description: colourless transparent liquid

Pharmacotherapeutic group: rashes acne remedy

Code of automatic telephone exchange: [D10AF52]


Pharmacodynamics Sinnerite properties erythromycin-zinc complex. Has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effect and komedonolitichesky action.

Erythromycin affects bacteriostatically the microorganisms causing acne rash: Propiombacterium acne and Streptococcus epidermidis. Zinc reduces production of secretion of sebaceous glands, has the knitting effect.


Complex communication of components of drug provides good penetration into skin of active agents. Zinc generally contacts a follicular epithelium and does not rezorbirutsya in a system blood stream. An insignificant part of erythromycin is exposed to system distribution and further is brought out of an organism.

A way of preparation of solution

Packing contains 2 bottles and the applicator with a soft surface.

Remove caps from both bottles. Do not throw out a cover from a bottle with powder. Pour solution (B) in a bottle with powder (A) and screw up a cover. The empty bottle In can be thrown out. At once carefully shake up bottle contents within one minute. Uncover a bottle. Remove the applicator from packing. Push the applicator in a neck of a bottle and twirl a cover. Drug is ready to use

Duration of a course of 10-12 weeks.
In some cases perhaps clinical improvement in 2 weeks.


treatment of acne rash.


hypersensitivity to erythromycin and other macroleads,
hypersensitivity to zinc.

Route of administration and doses

Outwardly. By means of the enclosed applicator Sinnerite apply with a thin layer on an affected area of skin 2 times a day: in the morning (before drawing a make-up) and in the evening (after washing). It is necessary to apply drug by a bottle inclination with the prepared solution down, with easy pressing. Speed of putting solution is regulated by force of pressing of the applicator skin. Approximate single dose of 0.5 ml. After drying, solution becomes invisible.

Duration of a course is 10-12 weeks.
In some cases perhaps clinical improvement in 2 weeks.

Collateral deystviyemestny reactions: there can sometimes be a burning sensation, irritation, dryness of integuments in the site of application of drug (as a rule, these phenomena are mild and do not demand drug withdrawal and/or performing symptomatic therapy).

Interaction with others medicinal sredstvamido the present is not established clinically significant interactions of Sinnerite with other medicines.

The overdose preparatasluchayny overdose is improbable because of features of topical administration of drug.

Special ukazaniyasledut to consider a likelihood of development of cross resistance to other macroleads, lincomycin, clindamycin. It is necessary to avoid hit in eyes, on a mucous membrane of an oral cavity and a nose (the irritation or a burn is possible).

Pregnancy and laktatsiyav the present is established that use of drug during the periods of pregnancy and a lactation (breastfeeding) according to indications in the recommended doses is possible.

A form vypuskaporoshok for preparation of solution for external use complete with solvent in bottles on 30 ml and the applicator in a cardboard pack with the instruction for use.

Storage conditions: At a temperature from 15 to 25C, out of children’s reach.



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