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TIRAMIN® (Thyroid Gland Bioregulator) 40 tablets




Hey there! Have you heard about the amazing TIRAMIN peptide? It’s derived from the thyroid glands of cattle and is a complex of proteins and nucleoproteins. This awesome peptide has a selective effect on the cells of the thyroid gland, which can help restore its functional and organic properties!

TIRAMIN® can be used to treat thyroid dysfunction, including hypo- and hyperfunction, as well as tumor processes in the glandular tissue. It’s also recommended as a preventative measure for individuals living in areas where thyroid diseases are common. And, for seniors and the elderly, TIRAMIN® can help maintain proper thyroid function. So, if you’re looking for a natural way to support your thyroid health, TIRAMIN® could be just what you need!

TIRAMIN® is a natural product that does not contain preservatives, dyes or flavors.

• metabolic disease
• prevention of thyroid diseases
• hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism
• nodular toxic and non-toxic goiter
• autoimmune thyroiditis

Product composition: A complex of polypeptides and nucleic acids obtained from the thyroid gland of cattle.

Method of application: take orally 15-20 minutes before meals with water, without chewing. Adults are prescribed 1-3 tablets. 2-3 times a day. Duration of application – 10-14 days. In case of chronic pathology, it is optimal to conduct a second course in 3-6 months

General effect: It has a tissue-specific regulatory effect on thyroid cells, normalizes matebolism in thyroid cells and restores the endocrine regulation of the body to a physiologically optimal level, preventing the development of pathological conditions in it

Clinical trials of TIRAMIN were carried out in 180 patients with primary hypothyroidism. Subjective manifestations of asthenoneurotic and asthenovegetative syndromes dominated in patients with primary hypothyroidism. Based on the results of instrumental studies, signs of hypo- and atrophic changes in the thyroid gland were determined.

The conclusion about the effectiveness of the use of TIRAMIN was made on the basis of the dynamics of subjective complaints and indicators of laboratory and instrumental studies, as well as monitoring the content of thyroid hormones in the blood.

As a result of clinical studies, it was found that a course of TIRAMIN improves the course of the disease in 84% of cases, with the greatest effect observed in older age groups with pronounced signs of atrophic changes in the thyroid gland.

While taking TIRAMIN, there was an increase in working capacity, a decrease in the frequency and intensity of headaches, as well as cardialgia with normalization of ECG parameters. An increase in the content of all thyroid hormones to subnormal values was revealed, which may indicate a stabilizing effect of TIRAMIN components on the cellular metabolism of the gland and a positive effect on metabolic processes in general.


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