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Shellback 44 ml cream-balsam of cracks


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The old salt cream from cracks of 44 ml
| Opisaniye Proizvoditel:

LLC Schuster Pharmasyyutik Opisaniye Mudrye, the experienced, salted by sea winds and tempered by storm old salts recommend cream from cracks Old salt. A minimum of efforts — a result maximum This cream, unique on structure — an effective remedy for care for the overdried and cracked skin injured aggressive by environmental impact (cold, water, wind, a heat, the sun) and also the shortage of nutrients. Cream is created from natural, eco-friendly components: extracts and oils of curative plants, seaweed and salts of sea minerals. The active agents which are contained in cream have the increased penetration in the damaged fabric cells. Thanks to the high getting properties of sea minerals the skin will receive intensive moistening, will be provided with nutrients. — Cream promotes healing of cracks and wounds on fingers and palms of hands, soles and heels of legs, possesses antiseptic action — accelerates process of renewal of cells of skin, improves its structure, gives it elasticity and elasticity — at systematic use strengthens natural protective functions.
The structure
Ant alcohol — possesses magnificent soothing, anti-inflammatory, getting and tonic properties. The juniper — possesses disinfecting action, apply in skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis. Some medical prescriptions with a mention of a juniper reached our time on the Egyptian papyruses dated 1550 BC. Extracts of sea minerals and seaweed — the natural complex drugs consisting of chitosan — the natural polysaccharide received from an armor of crabs, and extracts of brown seaweed of a laminaria and a fucus. They differ in much higher biological activity thanks to synergism of the components which are their parts. Possess not only properties of chitosan to increase moisture-holding properties of skin and to form a protective film on the surface of skin, but also contain the powerful biologically active complex including iodine salts, mineral substances and in higher, than at geophytes, concentration of amino acid, including the irreplaceable water-soluble proteins, specific polysaccharides which are not found at other plants, B1, B2, B12, E, C vitamins and others. Have strong antioxidant effect, promote moistening of skin due to stimulation of synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid owing to what formation of wrinkles and a nevus pigmentosus slows down and also possess anti-cellulite action, protect skin from UV rays, facilitate consequences of sunblisters. Have high moisture-holding ability, contain biogenous forms of iodine and bromine that provides antiseptic action and anti-inflammatory action, polysaccharides of a laminaria stimulate restoration of fabrics. Regulate a metabolism in skin cells, eliminate its dryness. Old salt cream feeds and regenerates, improves exchange processes in skin and a hypodermic, does it elastic, elastic, smooth, normalizes introduction and salt balance of tissues of skin.

Cream to apply a route of administration to clean skin and to rub accurately. To apply 3-4 times a day. When drawing on the steamed skin the effect amplifies.
Individual intolerance of components of a product. To children up to 5 years not to apply!

To Store the term and storage conditions at a temperature from 5 to 25 degrees of Page. Expiration date 2 years.


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