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POLYSORB 1’s 3g powder for oral suspension


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The instruction for medical use of MT Polisorb medicine the Trade name of Polisorb of MT the International unlicensed name Is not present the Dosage form Powder for preparation of suspension for intake Structure One gram of drug contains active agent – silicon dioxide colloidal, 1 g the Description Easy flavourless powder, white or white with a bluish shade, and taste. At agitation with water forms a suspension. Pharmacotherapeutic group Other intestinal adsorbents the ATX A07BC Code Pharmacological properties of Polisorb (MP (medical peroral) – an inorganic, non-selective, multifunctional enterosorbent on the basis of high-disperse silicon dioxide with particle sizes up to 0.09 mm, with chemical formula SiO2. The pharmacokinetics of Polisorb of MT is not split and not soaked up in digestive tract and allocated in not changed look. The pharmacodynamics of Polisorb of MT has the significant sorption and detoksikatsionny properties. In a digestive tract gleam drug connects and brings endogenous and exogenous toxic substances of various nature out of an organism, including, pathogenic bacteriums and bacterial toxins, antigens, food-borne allergens, medicinal substances and poisons, salts of heavy metals, radionuclides, alcohol. Polisorb MT occludes also some metabolic products of an organism, including excess of bilirubin, urea, cholesterol and lipidic complexes and also the metabolites responsible for development of endogenous toxicosis. Indications In the medical purposes and the preventive purposes. In the medical purposes: – acute and chronic intoxications of various origin, acute poisonings with strong and toxic agents, including medicines and alcohol, alkaloids, salts of heavy metals – acute intestinal infections of any genesis, including food toxicoinfections and also a diarrheal syndrome of non-infectious origin, dysbacteriosis (as a part of complex therapy) – it is purulent – the septic diseases which are followed by the profound intoxication – food and medicinal allergy – a hyperbilirubinemia (viral hepatitis and other jaundices) and a hyperazotemia (chronic kidney disease). For prevention: – to inhabitants of ecologically adverse regions and workers of harmful productions the Route of administration and doses to Adults and children inside only in the form of water suspension! For receiving suspension the necessary amount of drug is carefully stirred in 1/4 – 1/2 glasses of water. It is recommended to prepare fresh suspension before each administration of drug and to drink it in 1 hour prior to food or intake of other drugs. Before the use suspension should be shaken up! Adult. An average daily dose at adult 0.1-0.2 g/kg of body weight (6-12th). The drug is taken in 3-4 receptions within a day. The maximum daily dose at adult 0.33 g/kg of body weight (20 g). In cases of food allergy the drug is taken just before meal, the daily dose of Polisorba of MT is divided during the day into three receptions. Duration of treatment depends on the diagnosis and disease severity, a treatment course in acute intoxications of 3-5 days, in allergic diseases, chronic intoxications treatment duration up to 10-14 days. Repeated courses 2-3 weeks later, according to the recommendation of the doctor. Features of use of Polisorba of MT in various diseases. Food toxicoinfection and acute poisonings. It is recommended to begin therapy with gastric lavage of 0.5-1% with a suspension of Polisorba of MT. In a serious poisoning in the first day the gastric lavage is carried out via the probe by each 4-6 hours, along with it drug give inside. The single dose at adults can make 0.1-0.15 g/kg of body weight of the patient on 2-3 times a day. Acute intestinal infections. It is recommended to begin treatment Polisorby MT during the first hours or day of a disease in a complex with other ways of treatment. In the first day – the daily dose is accepted within 5 hours with intervals between receptions at 1 o’clock. In there is 2nd day – the daily dose is given in 4 receptions within a day, with an interval of 6 hours. Duration of treatment is 3-5 days. Treatment of a viral hepatitis. In complex therapy of a viral hepatitis of Polisorb of MT apply as detoksitsiruyushchy means in usual doses during the first 7-10 days of a disease. Allergic diseases. At acute allergic reactions of medicinal or food genesis the preliminary lavage of gastric and intestines of 0.5-1% is recommended by a suspension of Polisorba of MT. Then drug is given in usual doses before clinical effect. In chronic food allergies courses of Polisorba of MT on 7-10-15 are recommended days, take the drug just before food. Similar courses are shown in acute recurrent urticaria and a Quincke’s edema, an eosinophilia and the day before against the background of exacerbation of pollinoses and other atopies. Chronic kidney disease. Use courses of treatment Polisorby MT in a daily dose of 0.15-0.2 g/kg of a body within 25-30 days with a break 2-3 weeks. For the purpose of prevention. Adult. An average daily dose at adult 0.1-0.2 g/kg of body weight (6-12th). To children. The average daily dose for children is calculated depending on body weight (see above the table) the Drug is taken in 3-4 receptions within a day the Course of reception of 7-10 days Side effects Seldom – allergic reactions, dyspepsia, a constipation At long, more than 14 days, reception of Polisorba of MT disturbance of absorption of vitamins, calcium, in communication is possible with what preventive intake of polyvitaminic drugs is recommended, Contraindication calcium – a peptic ulcer of a stomach and 12 perstny guts in an aggravation phase – bleedings from digestive tract – an intestines atony – individual intolerance of drug Medicinal interactions decrease in medical effect of the medicine which is at the same time taken inside is possible. Special instructions One MT Polisorba teaspoon with top contains 1 g of drug, one dining room with top 2.5-3 g. Pregnancy and the period of a lactation Is applied without restrictions. The feature of influence of medicine on ability to run the vehicle or other potentially dangerous mechanisms On ability to run the vehicle or other potentially dangerous mechanisms does not influence. Overdose Cases of overdose are noted. A form of release and packing Powder for preparation of suspension for intake. On 1 g or 3 g of drug place in packages disposable from paper packing or other materials allowed for use with a thermolayer. On 5 or 10 disposable packages together with the instruction for medical use in the state and Russian languages pack into a pack from cardboard for a retail container. On 5 or 10 disposable packages of the equal number of instructions for medical use in the state and Russian languages group in packages from polyethylene and stack in gofrokorobk. It is allowed to place disposable packages directly in group packing, instructions in the state and Russian languages invest according to the number of packages. On disposable packages the text of the label is applied directly on primary packing. On 12, 25 and 50 g in banks from polystyrene, or from polyethylene, or the polyethyleneterephthalate or other materials allowed for use, corked by covers from similar materials with control of the first opening. On bank paste the label from paper label or writing or other materials allowed for use. On 5 or 10 cans together with the equal number of instructions for medical use in the state and Russian languages pack into a thermoshrinkable film. Storage conditions In the dry place, at a temperature not above 25 °C. After opening of packing to store in densely closed capacity. To store out of children’s reach! Not to use a period of storage of 5 years after an expiration date. Prescription status Without prescription CJSC Polisorb Producer, Russia, 454084, Chelyabinsk, Pobedy Ave., 168, bodies. (351) 278-19-89, ph. / fax (351) 778-51-26 The owner of the registration certificate of CJSC Polisorb, the Russian Federation the Address of the organization of the accepting claim from the consumer on quality of drug in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan: SP Nesterenko N. A., Republic of Kazakhstan, 050000, Almaty, Furmanova, 128, office 16, phone number: +7 727 279 66 59, e-mail:
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