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Oxytocin-MEZ 5 IU / ml 10s solution for injection in ampoules


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The instruction for use
of medicine for experts


the Trade name
of Oksitotsin-MEZ

the International unlicensed

name Oxytocin Dosage Form Solution for injections

Active ingredient:
Oxytocin synthetic – 5 PIECES.
Chlorbutanolgidrat, water for injections.

Transparent colourless liquid.

Oxytocin group and its derivatives.
The code of automatic telephone exchange H01BB02

the Pharmacological
Oxytocin properties – a synthetic analog of peptide hormone of a back share of a hypophysis – stimulates reduction of smooth muscles of a uterus and myoepithelial cells of a mammary gland.

Under the influence of oxytocin the permeability of cell membranes of myometrium for potassium ions increases, their potential goes down and
the excitability increases. With reduction of membrane potential the frequency, intensity and duration of reductions of myometrium up to tetanic increases. Oxytocin stimulates secretion of milk, strengthening production of lactogenic anterior pituitary hormone (prolactin). Oxytocin renders weak antidiuretic effect and in therapeutic doses significantly does not affect arterial blood pressure.

For excitement and stimulation of patrimonial activity, for prevention and treatment of hypotonic uterine bleedings in an early puerperal period and for acceleration of postnatal involution of a uterus, for strengthening of sokratitelny ability of a uterus at Cesarean section (after removal of an afterbirth).

The route of administration and doses
enter Oxytocin intravenously or intramusculary. For initiation of childbirth enter intramusculary 0.5 – 2 PIECES of oxytocin, if necessary repeat injections each 30-60 minutes.
For intravenous drop administration part 1 ml of synthetic oxytocin (5 PIECES) in 500 ml of 5% of solution of glucose. Introduction there begin with 5-8 drops a minute, with the subsequent increase in speed depending on the nature of patrimonial activity, but no more than 40 drops a minute.
For prevention of hypotonic uterine bleedings oxytocin is entered intramusculary on 3-5 PIECES by 2-3 times a day daily within 2-3 days, and for treatment of hypotonic uterine bleedings 2-3 times a day within 3 days enter 5-8 PIECES.
At operation of Cesarean section (after removal of an afterbirth) oxytocin enter into a uterus wall in a dose 3-5 PIECES.

Side effects
Are possible nausea, vomiting, arrhythmia and bradycardia (at mother and a fruit), allergic reactions, a bronchospasm, an ischuria and increase in arterial blood pressure and also excessively vigorous patrimonial activity that can cause an acute hypoxia of a fruit, premature amotio of normally located placenta, a hysterorrhesis. At emergence of symptoms of these complications it is necessary to stop administration of drug immediately.

the Increased individual sensitivity to drug, arterial hypertension, a renal failure, predisposition to a hysterorrhesis, discrepancy of the sizes of a basin of mother and a fruit, the cross or slanting provision of a fruit, existence of hems after the postponed Cesarean section or other uterus surgeries, suspicion of premature placental detachment, a pre-natal hypoxia of a fruit, placental presentation.

Medicinal interactions
With care apply oxytocin in a combination with sympathomimetics (exponentiates pressor action of sympathomimetics).
The halothane and cyclopropane increase risk of developing arterial hypotension.

The special
instructions Oxytocin apply under control of sokratitelny activity of a uterus, a condition of a fruit, arterial blood pressure and the general condition of the woman.

Giperstimulyation’s overdose a uterus that can lead to a hyper tone and tetanic reductions of a uterus which in turn can lead to a hysterorrhesis, postnatal bleeding, various changes from warm activity of a fruit, a hypoxia and death of a fruit. At prolonged use of oxytocin in high doses by infusion (40-50 ml/min.) there can be symptoms connected with antidiuretic effect of oxytocin.
At overdose it is necessary to stop immediately introduction of oxytocin, to force a diuresis, to administer the symptomatic drugs and hypertonic saline solutions (for the purpose of normalization of electrolytic balance).

A form of release and packing
of the Ampoule on 1 ml containing 5 PIECES of oxytocin.

To Store storage conditions at a temperature from 8 to 20 °C, in protected from light and the place, inaccessible for children,

the Expiration date
2 years. Not to use after the expiry date specified on packing.
Prescription status
According to the prescription.

Federal unitary enterprise Moscow Endocrine Plant, Moscow, 109052, Novokhokhlovskaya St., 25

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