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Kationorm 10 ml emulsion eye drops




Instruction for medical use of a product of medical purpose Name of a product of medical purpose Kationorm® of a drop eye, emulsion, 10 ml Structure and description of a product. Катионорм® is the hypotonic eye emulsion externally similar to milk which is not containing preservatives. Катионорм® contains mineral oils, glycerin, tiloksapol, half-oxameasures 188, a tris-hydrochloride, trometamin, cationic connection a tsetalkoniya chloride and purified water. Rolled into one Kationorm® contains 10 ml of a sterile emulsion. Scope. Ophthalmology. Катионорм® humidifies, greases and protects the surface of an eye. Recommended for use at symptoms of a dry eye, such as pricking, an itching, burning or feeling of a foreign body of an eye (feeling of a mote or sand after centuries). These symptoms can be caused by external factors (such as impact of wind, dust pollution, smoke, pollution or air conditioning, flight by plane, etc.) or tension of eyes during the long work on the computer. Route of administration. Locally in both eyes, the recommended dosage on 1 drop 1-4 times a day. IInstruktsiya on use: – Wash up hands. – At the first use of a bottle remove a protective ring from a cap, having pulled for an ear. – Open a bottle, having carefully pulled for a cap. – Clamp a bottle between big and index fingers, without concerning a bottle tip. – Throw back the head. – Carefully delay a lower eyelid and look up. – Holding a bottle over an eye, carefully squeeze out one drop in a conjunctival sac between a century and an eye and blink several times. – Do not concern a tip of a bottle of an eye and eyelashes. – After use close a bottle a cap. – In intervals between instillations you store a bottle in a cardboard pack. Do not apply Kationorm® more than three months after the first opening of a bottle and also after the expiration date specified on packing. Precautions when using. Do not apply Kationorm® if you have an allergy on any of drug components. Drug is not intended for treatment of other diseases of eyes. If you have other eye diseases, consult with the doctor. If you at the same time apply other eye drops, the interval between instillations has to make not less than five minutes. Катионорм® does not affect quality of contact lenses. Possible side effect Seldom or never can arise short-term discomfort, namely: irritation of eyes, eye pain, feeling of a foreign body in an eye, reddening of eyes, pricking in an eye, dacryagogue, burning sensation in an eye, temporary illegibility of sight, inflammation the century or swelled a century. These symptoms are also a part of the symptoms characteristic of the disease of xerophthalmus connected with the existing basic diseases of eyes of the patient who has xerophthalmus. IF YOU NOTICED ANY SIDE EFFECT which is NOT MENTIONED IN THIS INSTRUCTION, REPORT ABOUT IT to the DOCTOR OR the DRUGGIST. Storage conditions. To store at a temperature up to 30 °C. To keep a bottle in a cardboard pack. To store in the place inaccessible for children. Not to use the damaged bottle. Not to use after the expiry date specified on packing. Not to apply more than three months after the first opening of a bottle. Write down below date when you for the first time opened a bottle: ___________ Before use attentively read this Instruction. You store the Instruction in case you need to read it once again. At emergence of questions, see a doctor or the druggist. Consult with the doctor if your symptoms do not disappear. Expiration date. 3 years. After the first opening of a bottle – not to apply 3 months after expiry date! Sterilely. Producer: Santen, France at the Laboratoires Pharmaster plant (Laboratuar of FARMASTER) of Z.I. de Kraft 67150 Erstein France Holder of the registration certificate: JSC Santen Niittyukhaankatu 20 33720 Tampere Finland the Address of the organization accepting in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan claims from consumers on quality of products (goods): Representative office of JSC Canten in Kazakhstan Panfilov St. 98, office 713, 050000 Almaty, Kazakhstan the Phone number – 250-39-17


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