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Kartalin 100 ml of protective agent for skin preventative




Plant origin and Kartalin’s properties
the Main advantage of Kartalin – the non-hormonal means on the basis of solid oil intended for prevention of a chronic dermatosis, such as psoriasis.
Only natural components are a part of means of Kartalin: officinal herbs – a train, a camomile, vitamin A, lysozyme, honey bee, oils – eucalyptus, lavender, salicylic acid, solid oil.
At prevention of psoriasis more than 94% are noted efficiency.
Use in psoriasis of external medicines of corticosteroid group often is very effective method of therapy as with their help pretty fast it is possible to eliminate the phenomena of inflammation and an itching, but unfortunately, their use is accompanied by a number of side effects: the system influence and local influence which are shown a skin atrophy, a hypertrichosis, teleangiectasias, steroid acnes. In this regard the special attention is drawn by drugs which part synthetic substances not of corticosteroid origin and natural medicinal components are.
Kartalin does not cause a skin atrophy and also has no other negative effects inherent to hormonal ointments. Kartalin does not contain synthetic and hormonal components therefore drug use, unlike glucocorticoid means, does not cause irritation, is not toxic at all, can be applied by children of 3 years.
Kartalin possesses the anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, peeling action.
Can it is long to be applied by adults with positive effect, without causing accustoming and complications, and children of 3 years.
All who used means, note comfort in use of Kartalin.
Kartalin showed high efficiency, absolute safety and good tolerance.
Means of Kartalin in experimental conditions showed low acute and chronic toxicity, lack of local irritative action.
Means has good and lasting curative effect.
The analysis of efficiency of Kartalin, demonstrates that against the background of the general and topical administration it has preventive effect: inflammation decreases, there is permission of psoriasis plaques, the good effect is noted also at children’.
The course of use is rather long (from 2nd to 4 months).
After use of means of Kartalin the permanent and long remission from 1.5 to 4 years is observed.
The products are certified, certificate of conformity No. 8786670.
Expiration date 3 years.


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