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Kalmavis (30 coated tablets)




Packaging: Tablets No. 30 (in 2 blisters on 15 tablets) Ingredients: 1 tablet contains: L-tryptophane of 100 mg of Magnesium oxide (magnesium) of 133.63 mg Valerian root Extract – Valeriana officinalis of 25 mg Extract of the Camomile medicinal – Matricaria Chamomilla of 25 mg Extract of leaves of Megiissa medicinal – Melissa Officinalis of 25 mg Eshsholtion’s Extract Californian – Eschscholtzia californica of 25 mg Extract of color of the Linden serdtselistny – Tilia cordata of 20 mg Extract of flowers of the Lavender – Lavandula officinalis of 20 mg passionflower Extract – Passiflora incarnata of 9 mg Excipients: calcium phosphate, sodium of a kroskarmelloz, polyvinylpirrolidone, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, ferrous oxide, tablet cover: hydroksipropilmetil-cellulose, cellulose microcrystalline, stearic acid, glycerin, titan dioxide. Physiological action: The combined sedative consisting of a complex of herbs, amino acids of L-tryptophane and magnesium, reduces manifestation of alarm, mental tension, helps to calm down in stresses, reexhaustions and at acrimony, provides tranquility, steadiness of nervous system and good health. L-tryptophane is irreplaceable amino acid which has to arrive with food, protein-rich. Participates in synthesis of niacin (RR vitamin) and serotonin, such reactions of nervous system, necessary for regulation, as alarm, concern, aggression, impulsive inclinations, control of cycles of a physiological dream, etc. of L-tryptophane is the regulator of a psychoemotional state and good health. L-tryptophane is applied in sleep disorders, sensation of fear and tension, a dysphoria, a premenstrual syndrome, in complex therapy of patients with alcohol, opiate and barbituratny addiction for the purpose of leveling of manifestations of an abstinence syndrome, treatment of acute intoxication with ethanol, in the maniacal depression and a depression connected with a menopause. Magnesium participates in the majority of reactions of a metabolism, regulates transfer of nervous impulses and reduction of muscles, reduces excitability of neurons. In stresses and increased loads — the need for magnesium increases. The lack of magnesium is followed by nervousness, irritability, sleep disorders, appearance of spasms, gastrointestinal spasms and a cardiopalmus. Extract of the Valerian has multilateral effect on an organism: oppresses the central nervous system, lowers her excitability, strengthens effect of aminazine, reduces spasms of smooth muscle bodies. Essential oil of a valerian weakens the spasms caused by alkaloid the brucine close on pharmacological properties to strychnine. Also reduces the excitement caused by caffeine, extends effect of sleeping medicines, has the braking impact on systems oblong and a midbrain, increases functional mobility of cortical processes. The valerian regulates action of the heart, affecting indirectly through the central nervous system and directly a muscle and the carrying-out system of heart, improves coronary circulation thanks to direct action of a component of baras camphor on heart vessels. The valerian strengthens secretion of the ferruterous device of digestive tract and bile secretion. Extract of the Lavender counterbalances processes in the central nervous system, improves mood, calms, removes overexcitation, reduces aggression, eliminates tearfulness, hysterical reactions and insomnia, causes a condition of internal rest, is strong antidepressant. The lavender shows properties of an adaptogen, raising adaptive opportunities of an organism to new climatic conditions, change of time zones, magnetic fluctuations. Oil of a lavender shows high bactericidal activity concerning cocci and rod forms of bacteria. Is an effective immunomodulator, normalizes functional activity of V-lymphocytes, increases the maintenance of IgM, reduces the IgE level. Having properties of antioxidant, the lavender normalizes indicators of peroxide oxidation of lipids, at the same time the maintenance of the diene conjugants in blood which are by-products of peroxide oxidation decreases. Positively influencing a condition of capillaries, improves blood supply of a brain and heart. Essential oil of a lavender has the normalizing effect on the hormonal status, increasing corticosterone level twice, it promotes improvement of attention and memory. Linden extract: the complex of biologically active agents of flowers of a linden (essential oils, saponins, flavonoids) has sudorific properties that leads to fall of temperature of a body. Strengthening of sweating is caused by expansion of superficial vessels of skin, some strengthening of warm reductions and increase in function of sweat glands. Raises a diuresis, strengthens secretion of gastric juice, increases bile production, has sedative effect, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action. Extract of the Melissa is the sedative having anxiolytic, antidepressive, spasmolytic, immunomodulatory, antiviral, antiallergenic and antimicrobic properties. The wide range of therapeutic action of a melissa medicinal is caused by the content of various biologically active agents: the significant sedation is caused by citronellol content, and spasmolytic properties are caused – geraniol. Fenilpropanoida (rosemary, coffee, chlorogenic and other hydroxycinnamon acids) are responsible for antiviral, immunomodulatory, antihistaminic, antioxidant and antimicrobic properties of a melissa. Extract of a passionflower removes stress and promotes regulation of a dream, makes positive impact on nervous system, especially during hormonal disturbances, is effective at conditions of concern, tension, headaches and insomnia, at frequent attacks of asthma, involuntary spasms and the increased blood pressure caused by a nervous state. The passionflower is applied as sedative to patients with neurotic complaints and disturbances against the background of various diseases of nervous system (atherosclerosis, a hypertension, states after cerebral vascular crises, posttraumatic encephalopathy, postgrippal encephalitis and arachnoidites). Eshsholtion’s extract contains alkaloids: cryptopine, allokriptopin, protopin, coptisine, berberine, heleritrin, flavonoids, etc. Apply in sleep disorders, the increased nervous irritability and disturbing states. Renders the calming, soothing, anesthetizing, anti-inflammatory, hypotensive, antiarrhytmic action. action, kills pains, weakens inflammatory processes, normalizes the broken function of digestive tract, reduces formation of gases, strengthens and speeds up breath, increases number of warm reductions, expands brain vessels. Hamazulen and matritsin have anti-inflammatory, sedative, mestnoanesteziruyushchy, antiallergic properties, activate function of the immune system. Apigenin, apiin and gerniarin have moderate spasmolytic activity: relax smooth muscles and anesthetize at intestinal spasms, also gerniarin makes sudorific action. Indications It is recommended for prevention and complex treatment of the following disorders: – the increased nervous irritability, irritability, imbalance, lability of mood, – a condition of constant mental tension, overfatigue (so-called. the manager’s syndrome), – sleep disorders, insomnia (easy forms), – an asthenia, a neurasthenia and vegetative neuroses of various origin when complaints to perspiration, heartbeat, a headache and other psychosomatic manifestations are noted, – tendency to spastic states (a digestive tract, to vascular spasms, vegetative neuroses), – directly in emotional and physical injuries, – unmotivated uneasiness, fears, neurotic reactions, – emotional fluctuations owing to a menopausal syndrome. Doses and route of administration: To children 12 years and the adult on 1-3 tablets a day, mainly in the 2nd half of day are more senior, washing down with water. Before use during pregnancy and a lactation it is recommended to consult with the doctor. Contraindications: Individual intolerance of components. Special instructions: Duration of use of Kalmavis is not limited. At cancellation the abstinence syndrome does not develop. During use it is necessary to be careful at control of motor transport and occupation potentially dangerous types of activity demanding the increased concentration of attention and speed of psychomotor reactions. Storage conditions and expiration date: To store in the place, dry, cool and inaccessible for children. The expiration date is specified on packing. Producer: Labomar srl., Italiyadlya Gennovia Farmaceutici s


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