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Izzhogoff (20 tablets)




Izzhogoff in a gullet at least once in life each person had Unpleasant burning sensation. Therefore the question of what to help in this situation, is relevant for many. The burning in a gullet caused by emission of hydrochloric acid of gastric juice can periodically appear after a meal, most often against the background of improper feeding, stresses, physical activities. The stomach produces acid by the time of standard practice of food. The person with normal acidity of gastric juice has no unpleasant feelings. And the regular discomfort and emergence of burning sensation in a gullet which arise at hyperoxemia of gastric juice, threatens with more serious problems therefore this state demands correction. Izzhogoff not only promotes neutralization of surplus of hydrochloric acid and elimination of discomfort of burning, but also thanks to existence of a complex of vegetable components, promotes improvement of a functional condition of digestive tract. Izzhogoff – the combined vegetable and mineral means in the form of chewable tablets which do not need to be washed down with water – it provides convenience of reception at any time and in any place. Information on the operating components and their properties: Magnesium the carbonate – maintains the normal functional state of a mucous membrane of a stomach, neutralizes surplus of hydrochloric acid of gastric juice. Extract of roots of a mallow. Still in the ancient time knew and appreciated this plant. The name speaks about its useful properties (– to cure of the Greek althaca). The root of a mallow contains about 35% of slime which softens impact of adverse factors on a mucous membrane of a gullet and a stomach, removes irritation, calms. Camomiles extract is well-known the properties having beneficial effect on digestion and work of digestive tract. Fennel extract supports digestion, interferes with the increased gas generation in intestines. Mint oil calms burning in a gullet, protects mucous. Structure 2 tablets (daily reception) Weight Sorbite (sweetener) of Magnesium karbonatv that number magnesium 291.6 mg70 mg Extract of a mallow of 110 mg Maltodextrin (filler) Extract of a camomile of 33 mg Croscarmellose sodium, calcium stearate of plant origin and silicon dioxide (antislezhivayushchy additives), sodium alginate (carrier) Extract of fennel of 11 mg Oil the mint 1.44 mg potato starch (carrier), stearic acid (antislezhivayushchy additive) Reception of two tablets in day provide the recommended standard daily rate of consumption of magnesium for 18% Additional information the Route of administration to Adults on 2 tablets a day, to chew or hold in a mouth before full dissolution. To accept as necessary. It is not recommended to Persons with individual intolerance of components of a product. Before use it is recommended to consult with the doctor. Document SWAMP-SUBORS No. KZ. of 24.07.2014. Form of release of Tablet No. 20


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