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Istibel 6g 5’s pak. sachet




Istibel of 6 g No. 5 pack ice. – a sachet Hot Istibel drink of the Granule for preparation of solution for intake. Dietary supplement to food. Is not medicine. A nominal lot of packing is 30 g. Additional source of phenolic connections. Maintenance of physiological functions of a respiratory system is promoted by Energy value of 1 package – 20 kcal Nutrition value of 1 package: proteins of-0 g, fats of-0 r, carbohydrates – 5.3 g. To store at a temperature not above 25 °C and relative air humidity no more than 75% of the Recommendation about use: to accept on 1 package 2-3 times a day. Contents of a package need to be dissolved in 150-200 ml of the hot (not boiling) drinking water or tea. Solution is stirred before full dissolution of granules, accepted inside. Not to exceed the recommended dose. Not to apply after the expiry date specified on packing. Before use it is recommended to consult with the doctor. Structure of one package: Active components: Extract of a willow of white bark of 174 mg, extract of a licorice naked roots of 60 mg, extract of tea Chinese leaves of 35 mg, extract of a violet fragrant leaves of 22 mg, extract of a valerian medicinal roots of 21.50 mg, extract of fennel ordinary fruits of 19 mg, extract of an adatoda vascular leaves of 15 mg, eucalyptus extract spherical leaves of 8.5 mg. Daily requirement is not normalized Excipients: sucrose, polyvinylpirrolidone (carrier), fragrances: Lemon, Peppermint, citric acid (acidity regulator), starch corn, menthol. 1 package 2-3 times a day Is contraindicated to Dissolve in 150-200 ml of hot water or tea for use: individual intolerance of the dietary supplement components, pregnancy, feeding by a breast. children up to 18 years. Producer: State enterprise AKADEMFARM, Republic of Belarus. 220141. Minsk. st. of the academician V.F. Kupreeich 5/3


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