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Honda Glucosamine is a maximum of 1.3g (30 tablets)




Honda a glycosamine at most a glycosamine Maximum (750 mg) for natural updating of cartilaginous tissue of joints and a backbone, improvement of mobility and flexibility of joints. The favorable price in comparison with an import analog At the normal state of an organism a cartilage in each of joints makes enough substances for creation of depreciation and lubricant, constantly making up for their loss resulting from natural wear. But for various reasons (age, sports loadings, specifics of work, an injury, obesity, heredity) the cartilage in one or many joints cannot make enough lubricant. It accelerates wear of a cartilage of a joint therefore the joint cannot fully function. Recently around the world for maintenance of health of joints use hondroprotektor – literally defenders of an articulate cartilage. One of the main hondroprotektor is the glycosamine. The pharmaceutical company CJSC Evalar developed dietary supplement to food the Honda Glycosamine at most which 1 tablet contains 750 mg of a glycosamine of a hydrochloride and a daily dosage of vitamins of group B. Honda Glyukozamin a maximum promotes: to maintenance of cartilaginous tissue of joints and a backbone in a healthy state, to natural updating of cartilaginous tissue of joints and a backbone, maintaining mobility of joints. Properties of the operating Glycosamine components receive a hydrochloride from chitin of sea Crustacea. It is a natural component of an articulate cartilage, in an organism is used by chondrocytes as starting material for synthesis of chondroitin and hyaluronic acid, stimulates collagen synthesis – substances which are so necessary for normal functioning of joints. Additional quantities of a glycosamine promote process of natural updating of cartilaginous tissue. Group B vitamins (B2, B6, B12, folic acid) promote normal functioning of cartilaginous tissues. 1 tablet (daily reception) contains structure: Mass of % of RSN of the Glycosamine hydrochloride of 750 mg 107.2 * Mg B6 2 vitamin 100 B2 1,8 Vitamin of mg 112.5 * B12 3 vitamin of mkg 300 * Folic acid of 0.2 mg 100 * Does not exceed top acceptable level For additional information materials are used: Radar station. Encyclopedia of drugs. 2006, E. Alekseeva Don — a new era in treatment of an osteoarthrosis, the Remedy allowance, January-February, 2003, V.A. Frolov, the associate professor of the Moscow Medical Academy of I.M. Sechenov, Problems of modern medicine and nutritional supplements in complex therapy of some diseases of joints and a backbone, dietary supplement, No. 2(6) of 2001, V.A. Tutelyan, B.P. Sukhanov, A.N. Avstriyevsky, V.M. Pozdnyakovsky Dietary supplements in food of the person, Tomsk, 1999, Michael Risman Biologically active nutritional supplements: unknown about known, Moscow, 1998. Additional information the Route of administration the Adult on 1 tablet a day at meal time. Reception duration — not less than 3 months. If necessary reception can be repeated. It is not recommended to Persons with individual intolerance of components of a product, to the pregnant women nursing. Before use it is necessary to consult with the doctor. Document SWAMP-SUBORS No. RU. of 30.01.2015. The form of release of the Tablet No. 30 Mass of a Tablet is 1.3 g


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