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Honda forte (30 tablets)




Honda forte On 500 mg of chondroitin of sulfate and a glycosamine of a hydrochloride for natural updating of cartilaginous tissue of joints and a backbone, improvement of mobility and flexibility of joints. A joint cartilage — the natural shock-absorber softening all our movements, pushes, breakthroughs, blows. Wear and updating of a cartilaginous layer are the natural processes proceeding in an organism. Increased load on joints (sport, excess weight), improper feeding and genetic features of articulate structures – all this can lead to the fact that updating of cartilaginous tissue slows down. And if the layer of cartilaginous tissue utonchatsya, there is a discomfort of movements, joints, a back begin to disturb. All this says that with food the necessary amount of nutrients – hondroprotektor – necessary for construction and updating of cartilaginous tissue does not come to an organism. Chondroitin and a glycosamine are, perhaps, some of the most demanded complex hondroprotektor for maintenance of a healthy condition of cartilaginous tissue. They represent the structural elements of the cartilage necessary for creation of cells of cartilaginous tissue and its natural updating. The Honda complex forte feeds cartilaginous tissue, promotes its natural updating, improvement of a structural condition of joints and a backbone, maintains their functional capacity. Hondroitinsulfat of sodium maintains functional capacity of joints and reduces discomfort of movements. It protects a cartilage and has ability to support natural renewal of cells of cartilaginous tissue. A glycosamine the hydrochloride is that natural component which provides protection of cells of cartilaginous tissue, stimulates production of collagen, is a structural component of sinews, articulate liquid, connective tissue, skin and bones. Addition in structure Honda forte of extract of bark of a willow white and extract of a root of a burdock in addition promotes maintenance of a functional condition of cartilaginous tissue and water salt metabolism. Regular reception of enough chondroitin and a glycosamine which the Honda complex forte contains promotes normal processes of natural updating of cartilaginous tissue and improvement of a functional condition of joints and a backbone. As the glycosamine and chondroitin are natural substances which the person has to receive from food, at their prolonged and regular use there are no adverse effects accompanying their reception, and the received results can long remain after the end of reception. Sostav1 the tablet (daily reception) contains: The mass of % of RSN Hondroitinsulfat of sodium of 500 mg 83.3 Glyukozamin a hydrochloride of 500 mg 71.4 Extract of bark of a willow of white 50 mg Extract of roots of a burdock of 50 mg Additional informatsiyasposob uses by the Adult on 1 tablet a day at meal time. Reception duration – not less than 1 month. It is possible to repeat reception 4-6 times a year. It is not recommended to Persons with individual intolerance of components, to the pregnant women nursing. Before use it is necessary to consult with the doctor. Document SWAMP-SUBORS No. RU. of 16.03.2011. The form of release of the Tablet Mass of a Tablet is 1.25 g No. 30


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