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Honda drink with pineapple flavor 12.8g sachets 10s




The Honda drink Drink for suralimentation of joints and a backbone with high degree of bioavailability of ingredients in the maximum dosage! Joints creak, crackle, the discomfort increases? Often the discomfort in joints is connected with rapid loss of collagen – the main component of cartilaginous tissue of joints. Joints do not receive necessary food and more often begin to remind of themselves. Collagenic drink the Honda drink is latest developments for health of your joints! The Honda drink is a tasty drink for suralimentation of joints and a backbone! With it you for the first time receive the whole complex of the components necessary for health of joints, in the maximum dosage! What is collagen and why it is so important for health of joints? Collagen is construction material of our joints — protein which gives them elasticity, durability and resistance to loadings. But after 25 years the production of own collagen is reduced, and it is not enough any more in order that our joints remained healthy. Therefore additional intake of collagen is necessary. However in order that it was acquired by an organism, many conditions are required. First, it is necessary that it was already most prepared. Collagen in pure form is practically not acquired by an organism – only previously split molecules of this protein can get into fabrics. Secondly, and deeply penetrations collagen is necessary for faster in the form of drink. And, at last, effect of collagen has to be in addition strengthened by a complex of nutrients. Collagenic drink the Honda drink from the Evalar company completely answers all these conditions! What does the secret of collagenic drink the Honda drink consist in? Collagen in the Honda drink is provided in a special form — a peptide hydrolyzate. It has unique structure: the most fine particles of collagen which receiving became possible only thanks to high technologies of hydrolysis are as much as possible acquired by an organism and come to cartilaginous tissues of joints. The special formula of drinking collagen and the unique production technology of this product also provide fast and deep penetration of active ingredients into fabrics. Besides, drink the Honda drink has the combined structure with the maximum dosage of ingredients. Effect of collagen is strengthened by hyaluronic acid – the main component of articulate liquid which promotes improvement of mobility of joints. A glycosamine the hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate in structure Honda drink promote natural updating of cartilaginous tissue of joints and a backbone. And metilsulfonilmetan (MSM) is raised considerably by conductivity of nutrients in cartilaginous tissue of joints and a backbone, providing their suralimentation. Collagenic drink the Honda drink for suralimentation of joints and a backbone promotes: To natural updating of cartilaginous tissue to Improvement of mobility of joints the Effect of reception of the Honda drink complex remains up to 6 months! Structure 1 package sachet (daily reception) Weight, mg of % of RSN contains Collagen the hydrochloride hydrolyzed (peptides) 8000 Glyukozamin 1350 193 * Chondroitin sulfate 800,133 * Fructose (sweetener) Metilsulfonilmetan (MSM) 600 ** Lemon juice powdery, Pineapple fragrance, citric acid Vitamin C 100,166 * Hyaluronic acid 50,100 Gluconate margantsav that number manganese 21 mg2 mg 100 Sucralose (sweetener) Riboflavinum of 1 mg 63 * Does not exceed limits of the established standard daily rate ** within the norm of a metilsulfonilmetan (MSM) established on the known world brands. Additional information the Route of administration to dissolve Contents of a package sachet in 1 glass (200 ml) of water of room temperature, to accept the adult on 1 glass a day at meal time. Reception duration — 20 days. If necessary reception can be continued up to 2 months. 3-4 courses a year are recommended. It is not recommended At individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, feeding by a breast. Before use it is recommended to consult with the doctor. Document SWAMP-SUBORS No. RU. of 19.09.2014. The release form to Sasha Massa of sachet is 12.8 g No. 10


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