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Honda 50 ml cream




Honda cream At most of chondroitin and a glycosamine promotes restoration and food of fabrics As ingredients work? Hondroitinsulfat is a specific component of a cartilage. The glycosamine is aminosugar. Glycosamines also participate in creation of cartilaginous tissue. However if hondroitinsulfat is a specific component of a cartilage, then glycosamines have broader functional properties and, besides a cartilage, participate in formation of sinews, articulate liquid, connective tissue of skin, bones, etc. The fat basis of cream is formed by pork fat. On the chemical composition fats represent triglycerides of fatty acids. Fat reduces return by skin of water and, being implemented into a superficial and epithelial layer, impregnates it and softens, reports elasticity, protects from harmful external effects and sharp temperature differences. The fats entering a cream compounding were used as in pure form for a long time, and as the traditional basis for ointments having the most favorable properties for skin: do not irritate the skin and provide high biological availability of the medicinal substances entered with them. Structure Water, hondroitinsulfat, fat pork, glycerin monostearate, stearic acid, oil soy, glycerin, a glycosamine a hydrochloride, trietanolamine, karbopol, euksit K300, Tizol (the titan a glycerosolvate aqua-complex), essential oil. Additional information the Route of administration to apply Cream with massage movements 2–3 times a day on problem sites before full absorption. Document DOS No. of the CU of RU D-RU.AV07.V.00043 of 04.09.2012. Volume, ml 50


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