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Gustav (30 tablets)




The instruction for medical use

of Gastal Torgovoye medicine a name

Mezhdunarodnoye the unlicensed name
Is not present
the Dosage form
of the Tablet for resorption

One tablet contains
active agents: aluminum hydroxide – carbonate magnesium gel – 450 mg,
magnesium hydroxide – 300 mg,
excipients: Mannitolum (E421), sorbitol (E420), lactoses monohydrate, starch corn, sodium cyclomate, saccharin sodium, talc, magnesium stearate, fragrance-pepermint.

The description
of the Tablet of round shape with a flat surface from white till creamy color with slanted edges.

Pharmacotherapeutic group
of the Combination of drugs of aluminum, calcium and magnesium
the ATX A02AD Code

Pharmacological properties
Gastal – the combined antiacid drug for intake. Gastal neutralizes free Acidum hydrochloricum that leads to reduction of peptic activity of gastric juice and elimination of dispeptic disturbances. Gastal thanks to balance of two active components which are its part promotes fast and long (within 2 hours) to effect of drug. Does not cause secondary hypersecretion. Has the adsorbing and enveloping effect, reducing influence of disturbing factors on a mucous membrane of a stomach.

– acute and chronic gastritis in an aggravation phase
– sharp gastroduodenit
– a peptic ulcer of a stomach and a 12-perstny gut in an aggravation phase
– hernia of an esophageal opening of a diaphragm
– the reflux esophagitis

the Route of administration and doses
Gastal is intended for intake.
The tablet should be rassasyvat gradually (not to swallow entirely). The adult recommends to take 2 pill of 3-5 times a day in 1 hour after meal and in the evening before going to bed, a daily dose no more than 8 tablets. Use duration no more than 2 weeks,
according to the recommendation of the doctor can be appointed other mode of dosing!
Similar doses are recommended in heartburn, irrespective of meal. Children from 6 to 12 years – to accept a half of a dose for adults.

Side effects
– it is rare: diarrhea, a constipation
– it is exclusively rare: allergic reactions

of the Contraindication
– hypersensitivity to drug components
– the profound renal failures
– Alzheimer’s disease
– a hypophosphatemia
– children’s age up to 6 years
– pregnancy

Gastal reduces Medicinal interactions and slows down absorption of indometacin, salicylates, aminazine, Phenytoinum. blockers of H2-histamine receptors, digoxin, beta blockers of a diflunizal. an isoniazid, antibiotics of a tetracycline and ftorkhinolonovy row, indirect anticoagulants, iron preparations, barbiturates, oil-soluble vitamins (they should be accepted in 1 hour prior to or in 2 hours after reception of GASTALA). M-holinoblokatory, slowing down gastric emptying, strengthen and extend Gastal’s action. Gastal strengthens action of a levodopa and Acidum nalidixicum.

Special instructions
prolonged use at patients with reduced body weight, at nursing mothers and children is not recommended (6 years are more senior). With care to appoint drug sick with diabetes and a lactose intolerance, to children up to 12 years and with a body weight less than 50 kg, advanced age.
At patients with impaired renal function to avoid use of drug in high doses and a long time in comparison with the recommended scheme of treatment. Not to use drug more than two weeks without the recommendation of the doctor. At prolonged use it is necessary to provide sufficient intake of phosphorus with food.
The lactation period
in the period of a lactation is not recommended prolonged use of drug.
Influence on ability to run the vehicle and potentially dangerous mechanisms
does not influence

symptoms of acute overdose are not registered.
However, administration of drug in higher doses, than it is specified in the instruction, causes strengthening of side effects of drug.
Treatment: drug withdrawal, performing symptomatic therapy.

Form of release and packing
On 6 tablets in blister strip packaging from aluminum foil and a film polyvinylchloride.
On 2 or 5 or 10 planimetric packs together with the instruction for medical use in the state and Russian languages place in a pack from cardboard.

3 years
not to apply a period of storage after the validity.

To Store storage conditions in the dry place at a temperature not above 25 °C.
To store out of children’s reach!

Prescription status
Without prescription

the Name and the country
of the Teva Operations Poland Sp.z.o.o. manufacturing organization, Poland
80 st. of Mogilsk
31-546 Krakow, Poland.

Name and country of the owner of the registration certificate
Teva Pharmaceutical Polska Sp.z.o.o., Poland
the Address of the organization accepting in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan claims from consumers on quality of products (goods): Ratiopharm Kazakhstan LLP 050000 Republic Kazakhstang. Almaty, Al-Farabi Avenue 19, Nurla Tau’s Business center of 1 V, office of 603 Phone number, fax (727) 311-09-15, 311-07-34 E-mail of


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