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Gepatrin (30 capsules)




Gepatrin Triple protection of a liver our life consists of everyday life and days off. And it is no time for rest only our liver – bad ecology, semi-synthetic food, drugs and alcohol load it three times more than norm! Therefore it needs triple protection! With the natural not medicinal Gepatrin complex from the Evalar company the liver will cope with any loadings. Gepatrin solves three problems at once: reduces intoxication, protects and restores liver cells. In its structure three main vegetable components for health of a liver: Essential phospholipids promote natural cell regeneration of a liver. The thistle contains Silymarinum which strengthens cellular membranes of a liver and protects them from negative impact of free radicals. The artichoke is directed to regulation of production of bile and its outflow. These three main components build triple protection of a liver against bad ecology, greasy food, the effect of drugs and alcohol very naturally. With the natural Gepatrin complex the liver will cope with any loadings! Favourably: instead of three drugs some! Structure 1 capsule contains mg of % of RSN Lecithin, including essential phospholipids, not menee4 180 – Extract of an artichoke 90 – thistle Extract, including Silymarinum, not menee4 6740 133%5 Vitamin E, not menee4 10 mg of TE of 100% the Pyridoxine (B6 vitamin), not menee4 2 100% Thiamine (B1 vitamin), not menee4 1,5 107%5 Riboflavinum (B2 vitamin), not menee4 1,8 112%5 1 On the operating components. 2 Patent of the Russian Federation the No. 24186601 3 Certificate of GMP No. C0170889 – 03, NSF International (USA). 4 According to TU 9100-159-21428156-145 does not exceed the top acceptable level of a daily allowance potrebleniyaTE-a tokoferolovy equivalent Additional information the Route of administration the Adult on 1 capsule 2 times a day at meal time. Reception duration — not less than 1 month. Long reception – with regular repetition of courses is recommended 3-6 months. It is not recommended to Persons with individual intolerance of components of a product, to the pregnant women nursing. Before use it is recommended to consult with the doctor. Document SWAMP-SUBORS No. KZ. of 05.02.2015. Form of release of Capsule No. 30, 60


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