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Gelenven Forte 75 ml gel legs


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Gelenven, gel, 75 mlsredstvo of external action with the significant venotoniziruyushchy and antiedematous properties.
Contributes to normalization of peripheric circulation, eliminates developments of stagnation, reduces risk of a thrombogenesis, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, stimulates exchange processes in fabrics, removes hypostases and feeling of a tyazhesata in legs, strengthens venous valves, raises a tone and elasticity of vascular walls.
Indications | Gelenven of gels/legs of 75 ml
Disturbance of blood circulation in veins of the lower extremities, feeling of weight in legs, puffiness, trophic disturbances, xeroderma of legs, vascular ‘asterisks’, bruises and hypostases of traumatic origin, including at injury of ligaments, stretching or a bruise of muscles.
For prevention of a varicosis with risk factor: adverse heredity, increased load on legs, inactive lifestyle.


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