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Gelenk Narung 600 g




Gelenk Narung – prophylactic for prevention of progressing of degenerative processes (rheumatism, osteochondrosis, arthritises and arthroses with disturbance of musculoskeletal function). Promotes fast recovering and strengthening of connective tissue from injuries and operations.
Latin name: Gelenk Narung / Gelenk Nahrung.
Structure and Packaging: Gelenk Narung powder of 600 g in bank on 1 piece Gelenk Narung is issued with various fruit tastes: apple, cherry, currant, raspberry, pineapple, orange with a peach. Structure Gelenk Narung: a food concentrate on the basis of a collagen hydrolyzate.
Pharmacological properties: Gelenk Narung is the dietary product developed on the basis of the hydrolyzed collagen. Gelenk Narung is close to biological structure of sinews, cartilages, ligaments and allows to provide regeneration of a cartilaginous surface of meniscuses, intervertebral disks, strengthening of the joint and copular device of a backbone and other cartilaginous surfaces of large and small joints in short terms. Gelenk Narung (collagen hydrolyzate) contains the valuable amino acids promoting restoration and strengthening of fabric that is important after injuries and during the postoperative period. Synthesis of collagen in an organism depends on enough vitamin C therefore it is necessary to pay attention to timely intake of vitamins.
Gelenk Narung – food for joints:
· prevents destructions of cartilaginous tissues in joints and intervertebral disks (arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis),
· activates production of intra articulate (synovial) liquid,
· promotes regeneration of a cartilaginous surface of meniscuses,
· strengthens the joint and copular device at big loads of joints and a backbone, including at the excess weight,
· it is recommended for prevention of degenerative changes in the musculoskeletal system.
Indications: Gelenk Narung is useful to the people experiencing big physical activities. Gelenk Narung also prevents progressing of degenerative processes (rheumatism, gout, osteochondrosis, arthritises and arthroses with disturbance of musculoskeletal function). Along with disappearance of pains at reception Gelenk Narung nails and teeth become stronger, thickness of hair increases, skin becomes more smooth and elastic.
Route of administration and doses: 7 grams (incomplete teaspoon, dessert or full with the hill) of the powder Gelenk Narung mix up with still water (about 200 ml) and is accepted on an empty stomach, in 40 minutes prior to a breakfast, once a day. One packing Gelenk Narung (600 grams) is expected a full course (85 days). If there are no contraindications, it is useful to prirnimat Gelenk Narung in combination with vitamin C: during each meal to accept not less than 50 mg of vitamin C. It is useful to combine reception Gelenk Narung with medical prescriptions – massage and manual procedures.
· individual intolerance of the Gelenk Narung product.
Special instructions and precautionary measures: In a pseudorheumatism the consultation of the doctor is necessary! Gelenk narung is not medicine, does not influence weight and the content of sugar in blood. Gelenk narung can be applied by people of different age, irrespective of associated diseases and intake of other drugs and drugs (it is compatible to other drugs). It is successfully combined with the drugs appointed at treatment of cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastric and other diseases.
Storage conditions: In the dry, protected from light place, at the room temperature. The expiration date is specified on packing.


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