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Gastrareks (30 capsules)




GASTRAREKS, at the expense of the chloride (vitamin U) which is its part a metilmetioninsulfoniya, possesses gastroprotektivny action, promoting protection and strengthening of a mucous membrane of a stomach and duodenum. GASTRAREKS has antioxidant activity and promotes protection of cells of a liver. GASTRAREKS contains S-metilmetioninsulfoniya chloride. What does the metilmetioninsulfoniya represent chloride? Metilmetioninsulfoniya chloride – vitaminopodobny substance (vitamin U), the activated form of irreplaceable amino acid – the methionine necessary for synthesis of all proteinaceous connections, actively influences secretory function of a stomach. Influence on cells of a mucous membrane of a stomach and intestines. Thanks to ability to give the methyl groups necessary for synthesis processes, and influences on choline exchange, the metilmetioninsulfoniya chloride stimulates production of mucin with cells of a mucous membrane of digestive tract that promotes increase in its protective function from aggressive factors of internal and external environment and activates processes of cell regeneration of a mucous membrane of a stomach and intestines, directly stimulating process of regeneration of cells of a stomach and duodenum. Influence on digestive tract at ethanol influence. Metilmetioninsulfoniya chloride has antioxidant activity, delaying processes of peroxide oxidation of lipids, and protects cells of a mucous membrane of a stomach from aggressive influence of ethanol and its derivatives. Influence on acidity and dispepsichesky manifestations. Metilmetioninsulfoniya chloride methylates a histamine which stimulates products of hydrochloric acid, turning it into an inactive form. Transition of a histamine to an inactive form – a methylhistamine, leads to reduction of secretion of hydrochloric acid and reduces the probability of damage of cells of a stomach and intestines. Thereof the typical gastrointestinal disturbances characteristic of surplus of a histamine decrease: weight in a stomach, heartburn, an abdominal distension and disturbances of motility of intestines. At insufficient secretion of hydrochloric acid the metilmetioninisulfoniya chloride stimulates its development. Influence on liver cells. Metilmetioninsulfoniya chloride, possessing lipotropic action, renders protective effect on liver cells. Researches showed that it reduces the level of the general cholesterol and lipids of low density (harmful cholesterol) in blood. The permeability of cellular membranes is stabilized, interfering with substitution of tissues of liver fatty tissue, improves carbohydrate, proteinaceous and lipidic exchanges in a liver. GASTRAREKS, thanks to the chloride which is its part a metilmetioninsulfoniya, promotes: • To strengthening and protection of a mucous membrane of a stomach and duodenum against influence of aggressive factors • Normalization of the increased or lowered acidity of gastric juice • To improvement of secretory function of a stomach and duodenum • Normalization of motility of a stomach and intestines • Activations of processes of restoration in a mucous membrane of a stomach and intestines at the cellular level • To reduction of manifestation of discomfort in digestive tract • To improvement of carbohydrate, protein and lipidic metabolism in a pechenirekomendation on use: the adult on 1 capsule a day at meal time. Reception duration – 1 month. If necessary reception can be repeated in a month. Capsules have a specific smell which is caused by the component which is a part – a metilmetioninsulfoniya chloride. After reception perhaps short aftertaste that is caused by the component which is a part. Contraindications: individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, feeding by a breast. Before use it is recommended to consult with the doctor. Ingredients: vitamin U (metilmetioninsulfoniya chloride), microcrystalline cellulose (carrier), capsule cover (gelatin, kandurin silver gloss (titan dioxide (dye), potassium aluminosilicate (antislezhivayushchy agent)), silicon dioxide (antislezhivayushchy agent), magnesian salts of stearic acid (antislezhivayushchy agent).Packaging: capsules weighing 524 mg ± 7.5 on 15 capsules in the blister, on 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 blisters in a pack cardboard, on 30, 60, 90 or 120 capsules in a bottle, on one bottle in a pack cardboard. Scope: as dietary supplement to food – vitamin U source (metilmetioninsulfoniya). Expiration date: 3 years. Storage conditions: to store out of children’s reach, at a temperature from 15 ºС up to 25 ºС and at relative humidity no more than 75%. Implementation conditions: through pharmacy chain and specialized shops, departments of retail chain stores. Dietary supplement to food. Is not medicine. Certificate on the state registration No.: RU. Date of issue: 20.11.2018.


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