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Fortifikat forte 30s 750 mg capsule




The text of the instruction for use of FORTIFIKAT forte (Dietary supplement to food) Essential phospholipids of 750 mg Structure on one capsule Soy lecithin (Glycine hispida) (Essential phospholipids of 56%) __________________________ 750 mg Structure of the capsule: gelatin, sorbitol the Essential phospholipids which are a part of FORTIFIKATA forte support a healthy condition of a liver, helping to keep or restore structure of its cells and normal functioning. FORTIFIKAT is forte recommended to be applied as dietary supplement to food to maintenance of a functional condition of a liver at dysfunctions and decrease in intensity of its regeneration. Phospholipids which are present at structure of cellular membranes of a liver participate in regulation of intracellular and intercellular exchange and also in activation of fermental systems at the level of membranes. The essential phospholipids which are a part of FORTIFIKATA forte normalize metabolism of lipids and proteins, improve processes of a detoxication of a liver, facilitate restoration of its damaged fabrics. Besides, essential phospholipids help to restore structure of cells of a liver and slow down forming of connective tissue which substitutes normal fabric, and promote prevention of development of diseases of a liver. Dietary supplements should not replace the various balanced food and a healthy lifestyle. Scope: • Supports normal work of a liver • Normalizes metabolism of lipids and proteins • Improves processes of a detoxication of a liver • The Route of administration helps to keep or restore structure of cells of a liver: to accept at meal time on 1 capsule 2 times a day, to swallow of capsules entirely, washing down with a glass of water. Not to exceed the daily recommended dose. Women during pregnancy and feeding by a breast before reception should consult with the doctor. Contraindications: It is not recommended to apply to people with allergic reaction to soy and its derivatives as essential phospholipids receive from soybeans. To Store storage at a temperature from 15 °C to 25 °C in original packing, in the place protected from light. To store out of children’s reach. Packaging: on 15 capsules in blisters. On 2 blisters place in a cardboard box. Expiration date: 3 years. Dietary supplement to food. Is not medicine. Producer: Laboratories Liconsa, S.A. Gran Via Carlos III, 98 T planta 08028 Barcelona, Spain the Organization accepting claims for territories of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Representation Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Almaty, Manas st. 32 And, BC SAT 6 et., office 602 index 050008, ph.: 8 (727) 250-92-35, 250 33 64


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