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Fitomutsil Slim Smart 5g powder 30s




Are promoted reduction of appetite, purgation and weight reduction
of 5 reasons to grow thin with Fitomutsilom Slim by the Smart

reduces appetite
reduces absorption of fats and carbohydrates
reduces the general caloric content of food
provides regular natural purgation
removes slags and toxins
As Fitomutsil Slim the Smart works?
Getting into a stomach, soluble cellulose absorbs water, turns into gel which fills it, causing feeling of saturation, thanks to it you do not overeat. Passing on intestines, this gel softens stool and facilitates their removal, all superfluous is removed from intestines easily and in due time. Mixing up with the eaten food, cellulose slows down its absorption and sharp fluctuations of level of sugar in blood that allows to avoid hunger attacks. Fitomutsil Slim the Smart slows down absorption of fats and carbohydrates from intestines owing to what the general caloric content of a diet is also reduced. Besides, cellulose adsorbs and brings the slags which are formed in the course of digestion and the toxins arriving with food out of intestines. Thus, accepting Fitomutsil, you reduce the number of the calories arriving with food, do not test hunger attacks, do not overeat and therefore you grow thin seriously and for a long time. Your organism gets used to eat moderately and to be cleaned regularly!
Who can accept Fitomutsil Slim the Smart?
Two natural ingredients therefore it is authorized to use it even during feeding by a breast are a part Fitomutsila Slim the Smart. Fitomutsil Slim the Smart can also be used for weight reduction in diabetes.

Excess weight
the Metabolic syndrome
Tendency to a set of weight during the risk periods – postnatal – a menopause – refusal of smoking – long stresses
For control of body weight
of the Contraindication:
Individual intolerance of components of a complex, acute inflammatory diseases, impassability of digestive tract.
Route of administration and doses:
Fitomutsil Slim it is necessary to accept a smart on 1 bag 2-3 times a day before food. To dissolve powder in a glass of water or unsweetened drink (vegetable juice, kefir, drinking yogurt), to drink and wash down with a glass of clean still water.
For acceleration of weight reduction it is possible to replace a breakfast or a dinner only with reception Fitomutsila.
Special instructions:
For increase in efficiency Fitomutsila and removal of decomposition products of fat is recommended to drink 1.5-2 liters of liquid a day.
Reception duration
the Safe rate of weight reduction is loss of 2-4 kg a month. More intensive weight loss is a severe stress for an organism, and is extremely short-lived.
Combustion of fatty tissue (true weight loss) is possible only at smooth weight reduction and acceleration of a metabolism. For successful weight reduction it is necessary to combine reception Fitomutsila Slim the Smart with reduction of caloric content of a daily diet and feasible regular physical activities.
Thus, it is possible to accept Fitomutsil throughout all course of weight reduction. On reaching desirable weight it is possible to continue to use Fitomutsil Slim the Smart in a maintenance dose 1 bag a day.
Compatibility with medicines and dietary supplements: If you take medicines, vitamin complexes or other dietary supplements, an interval between their reception and reception Fitomutsila Slim the Smart has to make not less than an hour.
One bag (5.0) contains: peel of seeds of a plantain (Plantago Psyllium) of 4.5 g, glucomannan of 0.5 g
of Packaging: Powder in bags on 5 g, 30 bags in a pack.
Storage conditions: In the dry place, inaccessible for children, at the room temperature.
100% natural to the komplekena contain SENNA, artificial additives and GMO
Fitomutsil Slim the Smart – we grow thin intelligently!


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