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Fitomutsil Norm 250g powder




5 reasons to use Fitomutsil
1. Provides comfortable release kishechnika2. Restores regular stul3. Removes toxins and kantserogeny4. Normalizes microflora kishechnika5. Does not cause side effects and accustoming
In what Fitomutsil’s difference from traditional means?
The majority of symptomatic means solve a problem of one day, without removing the cause of a constipation. They irritate a mucous membrane of intestines therefore such means can be used only occasionally. Long intake of the stimulating laxatives can lead to accustoming or emergence of side effects. The Fitomutsil complex is deprived of similar shortcomings.
What is Fitomutsil’s part?
2 natural components are Fitomutsil’s part: a cover of seeds of a special grade of a plantain of Psyllium and pulp of fruits of plum house – rich natural sources of food fibers. Fitomutsil does not contain some sugars, flavoring additives and dyes. Fitomutsil contains 4 times more soluble fibers, than ordinary bran, he is champion on the content of soluble cellulose **
One more advantage of Fitomutsil that in its structure there is no Senna therefore its cleaning effect is not followed by pains and sudden desires. Regular work of intestines is restored naturally. The lack of undesirable effects and accustoming are especially important when it is necessary to accept laxative is long.
How does Fitomutsil work?
Soluble Fitomutsila fibers in intestines absorb water, inflate, turn into mucous gel and soften a chair that promotes its easy removal. Insoluble food fibers mechanically stimulate intestines walls, activating its movements and removal of waste. Thus, Fitomutsil at the same time influences also intestines contents, and his mucous membrane, saving from constipations, swelling and heavy feeling. Except laxative effect, Fitomutsil creates favorable conditions for growth of own useful intestinal microflora that promotes elimination of dysbacteriosis which always takes place in constipations.
Who can accept Fitomutsil?
Fitomutsil it is authorized to use during pregnancy, feeding by a breast, at advanced age and at children 3 years are more senior. Fitomutsil it is possible to use in diabetes.

Constipations (lack of a daily chair)
the Syndrome of the angry intestines with prevalence having bungled
Hemorrhoids, rectum cracks

Contraindication digestive tract Dysbacteriosis:
Individual intolerance of components of a complex, acute inflammatory diseases, impassability of digestive tract.
Route of administration and doses:
To children from 3 to 11 years on 1 bag once a day in the evening.
To children from 11 to 14 years on 1 bag 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening.
To adults and children 14 years on 1 bag 2-4 times a day are more senior.
To dissolve powder in a glass of water or drink (juice, kefir, drinking yogurt), to drink and wash down with a glass of clean still water.
Reception mode:
Fitomutsil is recommended to take for half an hour till a breakfast and in the evening in 1 hour after a dinner in the morning.
Special instructions:
For increase in efficiency of Fitomutsil and normalization of work of intestines it is recommended to drink 1.5-2 liters of liquid a day.
Reception duration:
Duration of reception of Fitomutsil is selected individually. If work of intestines was broken as a result of change of the mode and a food allowance (travel), against the background of a diet or after reception of antibiotics, a course in 2-4 weeks usually happens enough.
In a chronic functional constipation in most cases the reason is in insufficient consumption of food fibers and liquid. As cellulose is an integral part of a healthy food allowance, and Fitomutsil is a source of high-quality cellulose, it can be accepted constantly. After normalization of a chair Fitomutsil in a maintenance dose is recommended to use (1 bag a day).
One bag (5.0) contains: peel of seeds of a plantain (Plantago Psyllium) of 4.5 g, fruits of plum of house (Prunus Domestica) of 0.5 g.
Packagings: powder in bags on 5 g, on 30 or 10 bags in a pack, in bank on 250 g.
Storage conditions: in the dry place, inaccessible for children, at the room temperature.
100% a natural complex
do not support SENNA, artificial additives and GMO


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