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Fitomutsil Holestenorm 5g powder 30s




Promotes purgation and decrease in level of cholesterol
of 5 good reasons to use Fitomutsil Holestenorm:

adsorbs and removes fats and cholesterol from intestines
promotes decrease in level of bad cholesterol
promotes control of level of sugar of blood
normalizes work of intestines
helps to control weight
As Fitomutsil Holestenorm works?
Passing on intestines, Fitomutsil Holestenorm connects and removes the fats and cholesterol which arrived with food that reduces intake of cholesterol from intestines in blood and lowers the level of bad cholesterol. Phytosterols supplement effect of cellulose, blocking absorption of cholesterol in blood. Fitomutsil Holestenorm slows down absorption in blood of simple sugars that reduces sharp fluctuations of level of glucose of blood and the best control of a glycemia is promoted at persons with diabetes by 2 types and disturbances of carbohydrate metabolism.
Who should accept Fitomutsil Holestenorm?
Fitomutsil Holestenorm is recommended to accept to people 40 years, having high risk of cardiovascular diseases are more senior: the increased cholesterol level, the increased blood pressure, genetic predisposition to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes 2 types, excess weight and also all that who aims to maintain health of vessels and normal body weight.

The increased cholesterol level
the Metabolic syndrome
the Excess weight and obesity
of Disturbance of lipidic and carbohydrate metabolism
Risk of developing cardiovascular diseases
of the Contraindication:
Individual intolerance of components of a complex, acute inflammatory diseases, impassability of digestive tract.
Route of administration and doses:
On 1 bag 2 times a day. To dissolve powder in a glass of water or drink (juice, kefir, drinking yogurt), to drink and wash down with a glass of clean still water.
Special instructions:
For increase in efficiency it is recommended to drink 1.5-2 liters of liquid a day and also to change the diet towards consumption of healthy food.


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