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Fersinol-NEO 50 mg / ml 30 ml oral drops




FERSINOL-NEO / FERSINOL-NEO Ingredients: 1 ml a product contains Active agent: iron (in the form of iron (111) of hydroxide of a polymaltose complex) 50 mg Vspomovatepny substances: methylparahydroxybenzoate, propilparagidroksibenzoat, sorbitol solution uncrystallizable, sodium saccharin, fragrance vanilla, sodium hydroxide, water purified. The description of the Drop for intake. Transparent solution slightly viscous dark brown color bitterly – sweet taste with a characteristic vanipny smell. Fersinol-Neo – the antianemic product containing iron in the form of a polymaltose set of iron (111) of hydroxide. The molecular complex given makro-is stable and does not emit iron in the form of free ions in the digestive tract (DT), has no pro-oxidatic properties that leads to decrease in oxidation of lipoproteins of the low density (LDL) and lipoproteins of very low density. The complex is similar in structure to natural compound of iron – ferritin thanks to what iron from intestines comes to blood by active absorption. Iron transport in plasma is carried out with the help at – globulin of the transferrin which is synthesized in a liver. Iron in a complex with transferrin is transferred to organism cells where it is used for synthesis of hemoglobin, a myoglobin and ferriferous enzymes. Trivalent iron participates in formation of a gem that leads to increase in level of hemoglobin. Indications – prevention of latent and clinically apparent deficiency of iron (zhepezodefitsitny anemia), – prevention of deficiency of iron at children (including chest age), women of childbearing age (especially in the period of a beremennsta and feeding by a breast), vzrosy (especially vegetarians) and elderly people. The route of administration of Fersinol-Neo is accepted inside, in time or right after meal. The product can be mixed with fruit, vegetable juice or soft drinks, without being afraid of decrease of the activity of a product. 1 ml (20 drops) contains 50 mg of elementary iron, 1 drop of-2.5 mg of elementary iron. The Sutchny dose of a product depends on degree of deficiency of iron, can be divided into several receptions or is accepted once. Table of daily doses Fareinol Neo: Patients Premature Children 1-2 drops on body weight kg within 3-5 months in the Iron deficiency anemia Children till 1 year in the Iron deficiency anemia – 10-20 drops (25-50 mg of iron), at Latent deficiency of iron – 6-10 drops (15-25 mg of iron), at prevention – 6-10 drops (15-25 mg of iron) Children from 1 year to 12 years in the Iron deficiency anemia – 20-40 drops (50-100 mg of iron), at Latent deficiency of iron – 10-20 drops (25-50 mg of iron), at prevention – 10-20 drops (25-50 mg of iron) Children are more senior than 12 years, the adults feeding in the Iron deficiency anemia – 40-120 drops (100-300 mg of iron) at Latent deficiency of iron – 20-40 drops (50-100 mg of iron), at prevention – 20-40 drops (50-100 mg of iron) Pregnant women in the Iron deficiency anemia – 80-120 drops (200-300 mg of iron), at Latent deficiency of iron – 40 drops (100 mg of iron), at prevention – 40 drops (100 mg of iron) Duration of reception of clinically apparent deficiency of iron (iron deficiency anemia) is 3-5 months before normalization of level of hemoglobin. After that reception should be continued in a dosage for prevention of latent deficiency of iron within several more months, and for pregnant women, at least, before childbirth for restoration of reserves of iron. Reception duration at prevention of latent deficit of a zhepez is 1-2 months. In case of clinically apparent insufficiency of iron, normalization of level of hemoglobin and completion of reserves of iron happens only 2-3 months later after the beginning of reception. Special instructions It is necessary to be careful when assigning Fersinola-Neo sick diabetes, considering that 1 ml of drops Contains 0.03 grain units. Perhaps reversible coloring of adamantine substance of tooth, solution can be diluted in a glass of water, fruit or vegetable juice and to accept through a straw to avoid coloring of teeth. A form of release of the Drop for intake on 30 megapixels in a polyethylene bottle with a stopper dropper and the screw-on protective cover supplied with a safety ring. 1 bottle together with the instruction for use in a cardboard box. To Store storage conditions at a temperature not above 25 °C. To store out of children’s reach! After opening of a bottle to ispolyzovat a product within 45 days. Expiration date 3 years. Not to apply after an expiration date. Implementation conditions Through pharmacy chain and specialized shops, departments of retail chain stores. The certificate of state registration of NaK2. dietary supplement to food. Is not medicine. The owner of a trademark and the state registration is the VUORLD company of MEDICINE LIMITEDA, GREAT BRITAIN (‘WORLD MEDICINE iiMITED’, GREA7 BRITAIN). Made – – – – – K.O. krompharm by S. Company Rl.yu, Otopen, Eroilor St. 1A, Romania


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