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Effeks Neuro Biocomplex men (60 capsules)s




Effex Neiro a biocomplex for men No. 60 caps. Neiro’s EFFEKS: the proximity longer, feelings – is brighter! Natural drug for potency, without synthetics! L-arginine amino acids, a L-glutamine, L-tryptophane, barrenwort extract, zinc and B3, V6 vitamins are a unique part. In the maximum dosages, they represent real cocktail of the most useful substances for male power, endurance and full-fledged intimate life! Thanks to their complex action Effex Neiro promotes: To extension of sexual intercourse and improvement of quality of sex to Elimination of the neurogenetic (psychological) reason of a premature ejaculation Protects from negative impact of a stress and promotes increase in a libido Improves potency and a spermatogenesis. One more advantage of Effex neuro – the favorable price: twice lower than an import analog! 3 capsules (daily reception) contain structure, mg of % of RSN L-arginine 750,0 12,3 L-glutamine L-tryptophane 120,0 15,0 75,0 15,0 Extract of a barrenwort 30.0 — Zinc 22,5 150,0 * B3 vitamin (Niacinum) 27,0 150,0 * B6 3,0 150,0 vitamin * Does not exceed the top acceptable level of consumption. As treatment outcome for chronic prostatitis Additional information Packaging: Capsules No. 60 Mass of the Capsule: 0.36 it is not recommended: To persons with individual intolerance of the components of a product which are a part of drug. Before use it is recommended to consult with the doctor. Route of administration: To adult men on 1 capsule 3 times a day at meal time. Reception duration — not less than 3 months. If necessary reception can be continued.


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