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Doppelgerts Aktiv Vitamins for diabetics (60 tablets)




The instruction for use of dietary supplement to VITAMINS ASSET DOPPELGERTS® food FOR PATIENTS with DIABETES For maintenance of optimum balance of vitamins and mineral substances in an organism of patients with diabetes. Ingredients: magnesium oxide (magnesium), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), DL-α-токоферол acetate (vitamin E), microcrystalline cellulose (E 460 emulsifier), starch, partial glycerides long-chain (E 471 emulsifier), zinc gluconate (zinc), silicon dioxide (agent of antislezhivayushchiya E 551), gipromelloza (E464 thickener), niacinamide, arabic gum (E 414 thickener), cyanocobalamine (B12 vitamin), magnesium stearate (stabilizer E 471b), kaltion-D-pantotenat, shellac (glazirovatel E 904), pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6 vitamin), titan dioxide (E 171 dye), water (solvent), thiamine nitrate (B1 vitamin), talc (agent of antislezhivayushchiya E 553b), olive oil (emulsifier), Riboflavinum (B2 vitamin), folic acid, polysorbate 80 (E 433 emulsifier), chrome chloride (chrome), ferrous oxide yellow (E 172 dye), biotin, sodium selenate (selenium). 1 tablet contains: Number of % of the recommended level of daily consumption Vitamin E of 42 mg 420 * B12 9 vitamin of mkg 900 * Biotin of 150 mkg 300 * Vitamin C of 200 mg 333 * Folic acid of 450 mkg 225 * B6 3 vitamin of mg 150 * B1 2 vitamin of mg 143 * Pantothenate of calcium of 6 mg 100 Niacinamide of 18 mg 100 B2 1,6 Vitamin of mg 100 Is lame 60 mkg 120 ** Magnesium of 200 mg 50 Selenium of 30 mkg 43 Zinc of 5 mg 33 * does not exceed the top acceptable level of consumption ** adequate consumption level the Vitamin DOPPELGERTS® complex for patients with diabetes carries out purposeful supply of an organism with the vitamins which are specially picked up for this purpose, microelements and mineral substances. Vitamins participate in all processes of a metabolism, increasing resistance of an organism to adverse external factors, microorganisms and viruses. Receipt of enough vitamins promotes strengthening of an organism, improving its immune status. The vitamin deficiency in diabetes aggravates the course of the disease and contributes to the development of complications. Vitamins of group B regulate a metabolism in a cell and provide supply with its energy. Are necessary for functioning of nervous system. B12, B6 vitamins and folic acid play an important role for the balanced maintenance of a gomotsistein that is an important factor for maintenance in a healthy condition of a cardiovascular system. As in a metabolism of patients with diabetes there can be an increased education of free radicals, it is necessary to monitor sufficient intake of antioxidants. Vitamins C, E and selenium have the significant antioxidant properties, promote maintaining natural balance between education of free radicals and their removal from an organism. At the same time they play an important role in protection of cells. Chrome promotes maintenance of optimum level of sugar in blood, to reduction of risk of development of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disturbances, reduces cholesterol level in blood, interferes with formation of fat in organism cells. Zinc participates in forming of immunity, is a part of enzymes, including, the nucleic acids catalyzing metabolism providing a hemopoiesis supports function of a thymus. Magnesium improves work of a cardiovascular system, promotes lowering of blood pressure, is necessary for functioning of many enzymes. It can be applied: for completion of the vitamin deficiency and mineral substances caused by a limited diet of patients with diabetes. Important instructions: accepting this complex filling the increased need for vitamins, microelements and mineral substances at patients with diabetes it is necessary to remember that it does not replace the main program of treatment of diabetes, and only supplements it. Also there are basic rules of food for patients with diabetes in combination with properly life, sufficient physical activity, control of weight and intake of the medicines recommended by the doctor. Scope: additional source of vitamins and mineral substances. Contraindications: individual intolerance of components of products, to pregnant women and the feeding women. Recommendations about use: the adult on 1 tablet a day at meal time. Duration of reception is 1 month. Before use it is necessary to consult with the doctor. Packaging: tablets weighing 1150 mg Expiration date: 3 years. Storage conditions: to store out of children’s reach at a temperature not higher than + 25C. Nutrition and energy value: 1 tablet contains 1 kcal, 3 kJ, protein of 0 g, fats of 0.1 g, carbohydrates of 0.1 g. Instructions for patients with diabetes: 1 tablet contains 0.01 grain units. Implementation conditions: through pharmacy chain and specialized shops, departments of retail chain stores. Is not medicine. Certificate on the state registration No. and date Producer: Kvaysser Pharm GmbH and To. KG Shlezviger Strasse 74, 24941 Flensburg, Germany All products of the Kvaysser Pharm GmbH company and To. The KG is produced on the basis of the last achievements in technology and conforms to the high international quality standards of GMP.


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