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Direct vitamins for the heart 250 mg (60 tablets)




Will direct. Vitamins for heart are Supported by a functional condition of a cardiovascular system Will direct. Vitamins for heart is a complex of the vital vitamins, minerals and biologically active agents of plants for food of heart, maintenance of the normal functional state of a cardiovascular system. B1, B2, B6 vitamins, biologically active agents of flowers of a hawthorn, a ginkgo of a bilob and hips in a complex with an organic form (asparaginate) of potassium and magnesium: · participate in work of a cardiovascular system, · promote blood circulation improvement, · support work of a cardiac muscle. Only 1 tablet a day will deliver to your heart daily necessary vitamins. Support to heart is necessary constantly therefore also reception of vitamin complexes for this purpose has to be regular and periodically repeat. Information on biologically active components Will direct. Vitamins for heart and their properties: · B1 vitamin (thiamine hydrochloride). The lack of this vitamin leads to accumulation in cells of pyruvic acid which promotes accumulation of surplus of liquid in fabrics. The deficiency of B1 vitamin leads also to increase of pulse, makes heavier breath. · B2 vitamin (Riboflavinum) participates in formation of fabric structures of a cardiac muscle. · B6 vitamin (a pyridoxine a hydrochloride) participates in metabolism and transport of amino acids through a cellular membrane. Supports the metabolic processes at insufficient intake of oxygen to a cardiac muscle. Protects from adjournment of cholesterol in a cardiac muscle. · Flowers of a hawthorn (Crataegus sanguinea) promote strengthening of a cardiac muscle, to improvement of exchange of cholesterol in blood, maintenance of blood circulation in coronal vessels of heart, to maintenance it is normal of a warm rhythm and arterial blood pressure. · The ginkgo of a bilob (Ginkgo Biloba) promotes blood circulation improvement, strengthening of vessels and capillaries, has antioxidant properties. Flavonolglikozida of extract of a ginkgo of a bilob promote maintenance of viscosity of blood in limits of norm. · Rosae majalis thanks to a complex of Rutinum and natural vitamin C promote reduction of permeability and fragility of blood vessels. Structure 1 tablet (daily reception) contains the Mass of % of Fitoformul’s RSN Evalar (extracts of a ginkgo of a bilob, flowers and leaves of a hawthorn, dogrose) including flavonolglikozida 79.5 mg6.5 mg 22 Potassium asparaginate of 22.0 mg of Magnesium asparaginate of 22.0 mg B6 Vitamin (pyridoxine) of 1.7 mg 85 B2 Vitamin (Riboflavinum) of 1.3 mg 81 B1 Vitamin (thiamine) of 1.1 mg 78 Additional information the Route of administration the Adult on 1 tablet at meal time once a day. Reception duration — not less than 1 month, with regular repetition of a course of reception 3-4 times a year. It is not recommended At individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, feeding by a breast. Before use it is recommended to consult with the doctor. The document SWAMP-SUBORS No. KZ. of 21.04.2015 No. 20, 60 Mass of a Tablet is 0.25 g. Form of release of the Tablet


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