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Dikulja Valentine Panty deer 100 ml of balm




Dicoulia Valentine balm Punts of a maral of 100 ml Indications: for prevention at increased load on joints, in complex therapy of arthritises, in an osteoarthrosis, for prevention of seasonal aggravations during the autumn and winter period and also after overcooling and cold. Properties are Reduced by a pain syndrome. Removes inflammation and hypostasis of nervous roots. Activates blood circulation and metabolism in problem area. Relaxes muscles, stimulates local immunity. Use For improvement of a condition of the musculoskeletal system and also in arthritis, arthrosis, age changes in muscles, bones, joints. To apply balm on a body with slight circular motions within 3-5 minutes before full absorption 2-3 times a day. Balm is intended for daily use. Active components Water with silver ions, glycerin, beeswax, lanolin, propilenglikolevy extracts of punts of a maral, a burdock, sabelnik, bosveliya, a comfrey, juniper, the capsaicin, camphor, maslooblepikh biostimulating a complex the anti-inflammatory, biostimulating complex of vitamins of group B biostimulating a complex of the microcapsules getting of a glycosamine a hydrochloride, a mummy, eucalyptus essential oil, fir essential oil.


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