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the Trade name DiklomekMezhdunarodnyy unlicensed nazvaniyediklofenak (Diclofenac) Medicinal formagel, 50 g
of Sostav100 of of gel soderzhitaktivny substance – diethylammonium diclofenac (equivalent 1 g of diclofenac of sodium) 1.16gvspomogatelnye substances – karbopol 934 P, liquid paraffin, isopropyl alcohol, tsetomakrogol 1000, tsetiol, diethyl amine, propylene glycol, water deoinizirovanny. OpisanieBelyy, opaque, uniform consistence gel
Pharmacological svoystvadiklomek possesses the anti-inflammatory, anesthetizing and febrifugal action. Diklomek inhibits synthesis of prostaglandins at the level of cyclooxygenase and, thus, affects pathogenesis of inflammation, developing of pain and fever. In rheumatic diseases the anti-inflammatory and analgeziruyushchy action of a diklomek promotes considerable reduction of severity of pain, morning constraint, a swelling of joints that improves a functional condition of the patient. In injuries reduces pain and inflammatory hypostasis At external use is partially soaked up through skin, the bioavailability is 6%. Linking with blood proteins makes 99.7%. The t |/2 of plasma makes 2 h, T1/2 of synovial fluid – 4-6 h.

inflammatory and degenerative diseases of joints

rheumatism of soft tissues

traumatic bruises

of sprain, a mouse and sinews

inflammatory hypostases of soft tissues

the arthralgia and myalgia caused by heavy physical activity.
The route of administration and dozygel in a dose of 2-4 g is applied a thin layer to skin over the center of inflammation and slightly rubbed. Use frequency – 2-3 times/days. The maximum daily dose of ointment should not exceed 8 g. A course of treatment — no more than 14 days. Diklomek gel it is possible to apply by means of an electrophoresis (in this case stronger penetration of drug through skin is reached) Side effects

skin rash, burning, reddening

at prolonged external use of drug is possible development of system side effects from digestive system, central nervous system, a respiratory system and also allergic reactions.

hypersensitivity to diclofenac

hypersensitivity to aspirin and other NPVS

it is contraindicated to children up to 6 years.
Medicinal vzaimodeystviyapr simultaneous use with other NPVS perhaps mutual strengthening of both therapeutic, and side effect. Special instructions not to apply on open wounds. To be careful of hit in eyes. Pregnancy and laktatsiyav the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and during feeding by a breast cannot be applied gel on big parts of the body and it is not necessary to use for a long time.
PeredozirovkaSimptoma: strengthening of side effects. Treatment: the Form of release and an upakovkatuba of 50 g in cardboard packing
of the Condition to hraneniyakhranit at a temperature not above +25C carry out symptomatic therapy. To store in places inaccessible for children! godnosti4 to the godena to apply term after an expiration date
of the prescription specified on packing Prescription status from aptekbez

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