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Diabetes pills alphabet 60s




The vitamin and mineral complex
is developed for the people having diabetes the Vitamin and mineral Diabetes complex ALPHABET taking into account features of a metabolism at the people having diabetes. Contains all necessary vitamins and minerals and also lipoic and amber acids, extracts of escapes of bilberry, roots of a burdock and a dandelion. These substances promote prevention of complications of diabetes and positively affect tolerance of glucose.
Each of three tablets of the ALPHABET Diabetes is an independent balanced vitamin and mineral drug which makes certain, accurately significant impact on an organism in diabetes: the tablet Energy + – are a part: B1 vitamin and folic acid participating in energy balance and also vitamin C and iron which prevent development of anemia bilberry which promotes decrease in level of sugar in blood, lipoic acid which increases digestion of glucose, and succinic acid which restores sensitivity of cells to insulin strengthens its synthesis and secretion, reduces weight of disturbances of intake of oxygen, characteristic of diabetes, in fabric, the tablet Antioxidants + contains vitamins C, E, beta carotene, selenium which strengthen immunity help to resist to harmful effects of the environment, also the structure included dandelion root extract – it serves prevention of cardiovascular complications of diabetes, extracts of roots of a dandelion and a burdock promote improvement of function of a pancreas and accumulation of a glycogen that favorably influences carbohydrate metabolism, the tablet Chrome +, except the chrome especially important for people, suffering diabetes, contains K1, D3 vitamins, calcium and other useful substances which strengthen bones, teeth also reduce risk of developing osteoporosis.
How to accept
to benefit at most from reception of the ALPHABET Diabetes, it is recommended to take during the day separately three pill of different color in any sequence. It is desirable that the interval between receptions made 4–6 hours. During this time the vitamins and minerals which are a part of one tablet will completely be acquired and will not interact with components of following. If reception of one or two tablets was missed, they can be accepted together with next. For example, the pill was not taken in the morning. In this case it is possible to take two pill in the afternoon. The more strict to follow recommendations about use, the digestion of useful substances will be fuller. But even if the schedule is observed not always, reception of the ALPHABET Diabetes will bring more benefit, than intake of traditional (one-tablet) vitamin drug where interactions of substances are not considered.
A reception course
At sugar the organism diabetepotrebnost in micronutrients is especially big. The reason – restrictions in a diet and inability of an organism to fully acquire vitamins and minerals from food. Therefore to the people having diabetes * and also inclined to it (entering into group of high risk), it is important to take the vitamin drugs – both for the general prevention, and for fight against hypovitaminosis and other complications. You can accept the ALPHABET Diabetes constantly or according to the recommendations of your doctor-endocrinologist.
Before administration of drug it is recommended to consult with the doctor.


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