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Chi-klim Bio 200 mg (60 tablets)




Qi-klim Biot As in 50 to look on 35? A basic reason of aging of women – in decrease in development by an organism of female sex hormones. The main hormone of youth for the woman – estrogen. Since 30 years, the organism develops less and less estrogen. The metabolism slows down, the face and a body begin to change, and in other words – to grow old. Skin and muscles lose elasticity and elasticity, wrinkles appear and go deep, the figure gets fat and blurs. And here we are come to the rescue by phytoestrogen – substances which contain in plants, for example, in a tsimitsifuga, and is an analog of female sex hormones. In the West, where norm – intake of phytoestrogen from 40 years, women in 50 look younger, than many Russian women in 40! Not accidentally dietary supplements to food with tsimitsifuga phytoestrogen – the most widespread for management of age, including at us, in Russia. In the Russian drugstores, phytoestrogen of a tsimitsifuga contains in Qi-Klim’s tablets. Qi-Klim’s tablets contain the standard dosage of extract of a tsimitsifuga – 20 mg. And let we are not imperious over time! But in our forces to help itself to keep youth, beauty and health.


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