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Cerebrate 20s oral solution in ampoules




The INSTRUCTION FOR USE of DIETARY SUPPLEMENT TO FOOD Ingredients: 1 ampoule contains: active agent: Ginkgo of Biloba of 550 mg, Gotha Kola 110 mg, Soy lecithin of 95 mg, Guarana of 21 mg, Ginseng of 12 mg, L’Arginin of 313.5 mg, L’Asparaginovaya acid of 236.5 mg, Vitamin E of 0.75 mg, mg B6 0,150 Vitamin, mg B2 0,120 Vitamin, mg B1 0,105 Vitamin. excipients: The distilled water, sorbitol, propylene glycol, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate. Scope: Tserebral – dietary supplement is recommended for food for improvement of intellectual working capacity, increase in attention, its concentration, for complex normalization of higher nervous activity and functional activity of a brain. Ingredients of a complex provide nutritious support of neurons. The plant extracts and bioactive agents which are its part in any conditions maintain natural balance of the nutrients necessary for nervous tissue. Tserebral contains the high level of extract Ginkgo Biloba which is the powerful activator, supplying with blood a brain, improves memory, concentration. Can stimulate and protect a brain and acoustical functions. The ginkgo of Biloba has vasodilating, antioxidant, gemodilyutsionny, platelet properties of inhibitor of the activator. Improves blood circulation, especially in a brain, as explains its influence on memory and mental capacities. Contains flavonoids and ginkgolida which are powerful antioxidants which protect cells from free radicals. Its influence at the memory loss, disturbance of concentration, attention, an emotional depression, headaches, dizziness, sonitus connected with vascular function is recognized. Gotha Kola has positive impact on work of a brain, improves memory, strengthens walls of vessels and capillaries, improves blood circulation, effectively restores integrity of an integument, strengthens immunity. Soy lecithin serves as the main nutrient for nerves. Lecithin makes 17% of peripheral nervous system and 30% of a brain. Insufficient intake of lecithin results in irritability, fatigue, brain exhaustion up to a nervous breakdown for adults and children. Soy lecithin especially, accelerates oxidizing processes, provides normal exchange of fats, improves work of a brain and a cardiovascular system. Guarana a macrotherm, is used as a natural psychostimulant which reduces signs of fatigue. Contains a set of organic substances, basic of which – caffeine which causes promoting effect. Guarana promotes improvement of blood supply of a brain. It promotes improvement of memory and concentration of attention. Which ginseng the ginzenozida having the significant adaptogeny effect, increasing resistance of an organism to extreme influences are a part: acute hypoxia, intensive physical activities, hypodynamia, hyperthermia, x-ray radiation, action of bakteriotoksin. Kills fatigue, a headache, improves appetite, raises the general tone. L-arginine represents conditionally irreplaceable amino acid acting as one of key elements which take part in process of a metabolism effectively stimulating production of growth hormone. Improves communication between neurons, improves blood circulation and delivery of oxygen to a brain. It promotes memory improvement. Regulates production of the melatonin-hormone which is responsible for a dream and an emotional state. At the same time the dream becomes quiet and deep. Such dream prevents exhaustion of neurons, reduces excitability of nervous system, and restores its functions. L-aspartic acid helps to transform carbohydrate to muscular energy, and is also the best supplier of energy for the central nervous system and a brain. Vitamin E oil-soluble vitamin, saves brain fabrics from toxins and free radicals, strengthening walls of capillaries. Fights against degenerative changes in a brain, constraining Alzheimer’s disease. Group B vitamins – vitamins of this group are the main participants of any metabolic processes, including exchange and synthesis of carbohydrates which are the main power source for a brain. Route of administration: To dilute contents of one ampoule in a glass of water. To accept on 1 ampoule one or twice a day, before the main meal. The mode of dosing can be adjusted at the discretion of the doctor. Duration of reception is from 1 to 3 weeks. Contraindications: individual intolerance of the dietary supplement components to pregnant women and the feeding women. Prescription status: without prescription. Expiration date: 36 months. Not to use after an expiration date. Form of release and packing: Solution for intake in ampoules on 10 ml. On 20 ampoules together with the instruction for use in the state and Russian languages in cardboard packing. Storage: To store in the dry, protected from light place at a temperature not above 25 °C. To store out of children’s reach! Owner of the Trademark: Belinda Laboratories LLP., London, Great Britain Producer: NATIRIS S.A. Centro Empresarial Sintra-Estoril VIII Fracoes A e B, Estrada de Albarraque – Linho – 2710-297 Sintra, Portugal authorized organization to accept claims from consumers: Cepheus Medical LLP (Tsefey Medikal) 050000, Almaty, Panfilov St., 98, BC OLD SQUARE, office 807


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