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Candid 15 ml of 1% solution topically applied




The instruction for medical use

of CANDIDE medicine

the Trade name

of Candide Mejdounarodnoye the unlicensed

name Clotrimazolum Dosage Form Solution for topical administration of 1%

active agent – Clotrimazolum of 1 mg,
excipients: propylene glycol, glycerin.

Colourless, transparent, viscous liquid.

Pharmacotherapeutic group
Antifungal drugs for topical administration. Imidazole derivatives.
The ATC code D01AC01

the Pharmacological

Pharmacokinetics Clotrimazolum properties at topical administration practically does not come to a blood stream and has no systemic action.
The pharmacodynamics
Clotrimazolum – derivative an imidazole, has antifungal effect which is connected with disturbance of synthesis of ergosterol of a cellular membrane of fungi that leads to damage of a cell wall. Ergosterol is the main component of a cytoplasmic membrane of fungi. Clotrimazolum acting as inhibitor of enzymatic transformation 2.4 metilenedigidrolanosterol in dimethylsterol, D2 provitamin which is the main blocker of a cytoplasmic membrane of a mushroom. The minimum fungicide concentration of Clotrimazolum promote infiltration of intracellular phosphoric mixes to the environment with the accompanying disintegration of cellular nucleic acids and leak of potassium. Other mechanisms of anti-fungal effect of Clotrimazolum include plasma membrane ATFaza’s reorganization and other membrane enzymes, change of membrane transport and metabolism of fatty acids.
Clotrimazolum possesses a broad spectrum of activity, is effective concerning dermatophytes, barmy mushrooms, has antimicrobial effect on the erythrasma activator, streptococci and staphylococcus, is effective concerning trichomonads.

– candidosis stomatitis, a glossitis, a cheilitis, angular stomatitis, a periodontal disease.

The route of administration and doses
of 10-20 drops (1/2 from 1 ml) drug Candida apply on affected areas of an oral cavity 3-4 times a day by means of a Q-tip. When drawing it is necessary to be convinced that all injured mucous membrane of an oral cavity is processed by solution. In spite of the fact that improvement comes only on 3-5 day, it is necessary to continue treatment before total disappearance of clinical manifestations of a disease.

Side effects
– local allergic reactions (reddening, burning, pricking)

of the Contraindication
-the hypersensitivity to drug components

Medicinal interaction
Simultaneous use of Amphotericinum B or nystatin reduces activity of Clotrimazolum.

Special instructions
Only for topical administration in an oral cavity. To avoid hit in eyes. At hit in eyes carefully to wash them with water. If deteriorations or not improvements after regular use are observed, see a doctor.
Use during pregnancy and a lactation.
The issue of expediency of prescribing of drug during pregnancy has to be resolved individually after consultation of the doctor.
In clinical and pilot studies the negative influence on health of the woman or a fruit is not established.
It is unknown whether Clotrimazolum with breast milk is emitted, but it is necessary to apply with care it to nursing mothers.
Influence of drug on ability to run transport or potentially dangerous mechanisms
does not influence.

Symptoms: the overdose is improbable, but at accidental overdose strengthening of side effects is possible.
Treatment: it is plentiful to wash out the struck area, with the subsequent symptomatic treatment.

A form of release and packing
Solution for topical administration of 1%, 15 ml.
Primary packing: 15 ml of solution in a plastic bottle.
Secondary packing: one plastic bottle with the instruction for use in cardboard packing.

To Store storage conditions in the dry, protected from light place at a temperature not higher than + 250C.
To store out of children’s reach!

3 years
not to apply a period of storage after an expiration date!

Prescription status
Without prescription

of Proizvoditel Glenmark Pharmasyyutikalz Ltd / Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd
B/2, Makhalakshmi Chemberz, 22, Bkhulabkhay Desay Road, Bombay-400026, India

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