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Bodrin (30 capsules)




TRADE NAZVANIYEBODRIN, BodrinMEZhDUNARODNOE UNLICENSED НАЗВАНИЕ−ЛЕКАРСТВЕННАЯ FORMATverdyy gelatin capsules. Description: solid gelatin capsules of size No. 00, a lid of the opaque korichnevogotsvet, the body opaque the colors of ivory containing powder of dark gray-brown color with white particles formation of conglomerates to a storage.SOSTAVKapsula vprocessa soderzhitaktivny substances is allowed: Dry extract of flowers of a St. John’s wort of ordinary (Hypericum perforatum) 300 mgsukhoy extract of stalks and leaves of a motherwort of warm (Leonurus cardiaca) 100 mgsukhoy extract of roots of a peony of molochnotsvetkovy (Paeonia lactiflora) 100 mgvspomogatelny substances: calcium carbonate, calcium hydrophosphate anhydrous, magniyastearat, silicon dioxide colloidal anhydrous. Structure of a cover of the capsule: titan dioxide, ferrous oxide black, ferrous oxide yellow, ferrous oxide red, gelatin. The CODE of DRUG ON ATH N07XXFARMAKOTERAPEVTIChESKAYa GRUPPAPROCHIYE drugs for treatment of diseases of nervous system. PHARMACOLOGICAL SVOYSTVAFARMAKODINAMIKABODRIN has antidepressive and sedative effect. Drug an uluchshayetnastroyeniye, increases mental and physical effeciency, normalizes a dream. Effect of drug is caused by the components which are a part. Dry extract of flowers of a St. John’s wort ordinary possesses antidepressive, anxiolytic and sedative action. The activity of MAO oppresses, communicates sbenzodiazepinovy receptors, inhibits the return reuptake of serotonin, Norepinephrinum and dopamine. Favorably influences functional sostoyaniyecentralny and the autonomic nervous system. Improves mood, povyshayetpsikhichesky and physical effeciency, normalizes a dream. Obladayetspazmolitichesky effect. Dry extract of stalks and leaves of a motherwort cordial possesses sedativnymeffekty due to decrease in process of excitement in the central nervous system. Takzheokazyvayet cardiotonic and diuretic action. Dry extract of roots of a peony molochnotsvetkovy has stressprotektivny, anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, membrane stabilizing iantigipoksichesky properties.FARMAKOKINETIKADeystvie of drug Bodrin is caused by cumulative properties of his components therefore carrying out kinetic observations is not possible. INDICATIONS – an asthenic syndrome, – depressive and anxiety disorders, – sleep disorders, – neurosises (including followed by tachycardia and a cardialgia), – hyperexcitability, including in skin diseases, pains, injuries iozhoga (as a part of complex therapy), – an initial stage of arterial hypertension (as a part of complex therapy). The ROUTE OF ADMINISTRATION And DOZYPreparat Bodrin accept inside, on one capsule before going to bed, washing down with a liquid dostatochnymkolichestvo. CONTRAINDICATIONS – hypersensitivity to drug components, – a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, erosive gastritis in fazeobostreniye, – pregnancy, – the lactation period, – children’s age up to 12 years. COLLATERAL DEYSTVIYESO of side of digestive system: nausea, an abdominal pain (including in epigastralnoyoblast), dryness in a mouth, a meteorism, diarrhea or zaporoshok from the central nervous system: concern, excessive fatigue, headache. From bodies of a hemopoiesis: iron deficiency anemia. Allergic reactions: the itching of skin, skin rash, xanthopathy, a photosensitization (is more often at HIV-positive patients), raises a sensitization to sherstizhivotny. SPECIAL UKAZANIYaV the period of administration of drug (especially white-skinned patients) follows izbegatdlitelny stay on sunlight and visits of sunbeds. It is necessary to avoid simultaneous use of other means, a vyzyvayushchikhfotosensibilization. Bodrin along with MAO inhibitors is not recommended to apply.INFLUENCE ON ABILITY TO DRIVING of MOTOR TRANSPORT And UPRAVLENIYuMEHANIZMAMIV the period of treatment it is necessary to be careful when driving motor transport of an izanyatiya other potentially dangerous types of activity, trebuyushchimipovyshenny concentration of attention and speed of psychomotor reactions. USE AT PREGNANCY And LAKTATSIIPREPARAT it is contraindicated to use at pregnancy and in the period of a lactation. USE In PEDIATRIIPREPARAT it is contraindicated to children aged up to 12 years. INTERACTION WITH OTHERS MEDICINAL SREDSTVAMIPREPARAT strengthens effect of sleeping and analgetic medicines of ispazmolitik.PEREDOZIROVKAPri to overdose oppression of the central nervous system, drowsiness is possible. Treatment: symptomatic. VYPUSKATVERDYE FORM gelatin capsules. 10 capsules in the blister. 3 blisters together with a leaf insert in a cardboard box. CONDITIONS HRANENIYAKHRANIT in the place protected from moisture and light at a temperature not above 25 °C. To store out of children’s reach! The TERM of GODNOSTI3 of year of date of production. Not to apply after an expiration date. PRESCRIPTION STATUS FROM Aptekotpuskayetsya without prescription


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