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The instruction for use of a product of medical purpose for the consumer the Name of a product of medical purpose of SICKLY KEA, drop for eyes on 10 ml contains Structure and the description of a product of 1 ml of drops for eyes of SICKLY KEA in a bottle: sodium hyalrunate - 1 mg, dekspantenol - 20 mg, citrate buffered solution, water. SICKLY KEA is the sterile, not containing preservatives and phosphates solution intended for ophthalmologic use. SICKLY KEA contains sodium salt of hyaluronic acid (sodium hyalrunate) which physiologically is present at tissues of an eye and other human organs. Sodium hyalrunate has the unique properties allowing it to form a lubritsiruyushchy film, uniform and resistant to washing off, on the surface of an eye. At the expense of it the moistening effect of drops which is not followed by deterioration in visual acuity lasts. Therefore SICKLY KEA can be applied for day whereas oculentums and gels thanks to the fat consistence can cause a sight zatumanennost. Besides, SICKLY KEA contains dekspantenol which belongs to group of vitamins B. Dekspantenol participates in a phase of intensive regeneration of a cornea and a conjunctiva that leads to an additional lubrikation of the surface of an eye provided sodium with hyalrunate. Besides, dekspantenol promotes healing of wounds, for example, of the superficial erosion of a cornea caused by disturbances of a slezoobrazovaniye or consequences of surgical procedures. Thus, drops of SICKLY KEA provide not only sufficient moistening of eyes, but also strengthen regeneration of an epithelium of a cornea and conjunctiva. Drops of SICKLY KEA are placed in a special container of the DRESSER system, impenetrable for air, which guarantees sterility of contents of a bottle and provides extraction of drops, identical by the size. A scope - for moistening of a cornea and a conjunctiva and symptomatic treatment of xerophthalmus (syndrome of dry eyes), - for care for the surface of eyes in superficial erosion of a cornea, burns of eyes, dystrophy of a cornea and after ophthalmologic surgical interventions to Dig in the Route of administration on 1 drop 3 times a day in a conjunctival sac of each eye. If necessary the frequency of burying can be increased. Frequency of use is established individually on the basis of the recommendations of the ophthalmologist. Significant increase in frequency of burying SICKLY KEA (for example, over 10 times a day) is allowed to be carried out according to the decision and under observation of the ophthalmologist. Drops of SICKLY KEA can be applied when carrying rigid or soft contact lenses. In this case use of drops facilitates carrying contact lenses and allows to make it more comfortable. As drops of SICKLY KEA do not contain preservatives, they are suitable for prolonged use. The container DRESSER is intended for release of 10 ml of solution that corresponds to about 300 drops. For technical reasons at the end of use in a bottle there is a small amount of drops. The bottle with drops of SICKLY KEA is intended for individual use. Recommendations about use of drops for eyes of SICKLY KEA of the Drop of SICKLY KEA can be used only in the presence of the intact label of control of the first opening on a cardboard box before the first use. Before use remove a cap from a bottle. For this purpose you hold a cap with one hand, and pull another for a bottle by means of rotary motion. Before the first use turn a bottle of SICKLY KEA a tip down and press a container bottom until from an opening of a tip the first drop does not appear. Now the container is ready to the subsequent use. Hold a container upside down, holding with a thumb for a ledge of a bottle and other fingers – for a container bottom. Support the hand holding a bottle, other hand as shown in the drawing. Incline the head a little back, carefully delay a lower eyelid both the strong and fast movement press a container bottom. It activates the mechanism for release of one drop. Thanks to the special valve of the DRESSER system, the size and speed of release of drops will be identical regardless of which force was applied to a container bottom. Slowly close eyes in order that liquid was evenly distributed on the surface of an eye. Right after use close a bottle a cap. Make sure that a tip of a dropper dry. During burying avoid any contact of a tip of a bottle with eyes or skin. Side effects As drop of SICKLY KEA do not contain preservatives, they are well had even at prolonged use. It was reported about extremely exceptional cases of reactions of hypersensitivity, such as burning or excess dacryagogue which disappeared right after phase-out of drops of SICKLY KEA. Contraindications - hypersensitivity to any of components of eye drops Special instructions in case of simultaneous use of other ophthalmologic drugs it is necessary to maintain, at least, a 30-minute interval, and SICKLY KEA always needs to be dug in in the last turn. However, oculentums always should be applied after burying drops of SICKLY KEA. To avoid development of the reactions of incompatibility caused by interaction between care products behind contact lenses and drops of SICKLY KEA it is recommended not to dig in SICKLY KEA within 30 minutes after mortgaging of contact lenses. According to modern these SICKLY KEA children, pregnant women and the nursing women can apply. To Store storage conditions at the room temperature (it is not above 25 °C). To store in the places inaccessible for children! 3 years not to apply an expiration date after the termination of the expiration date specified on packing (). An expiration date after the first use – 6 months at storage at the room temperature (it is not above 25 °C). The name, a legal address of the manufacturing organization of a product of medical purpose, the address of location of production of URSAFARM Artsnaymittel GmbH the Industriyestrasse 35, 66129 Saarbruecken, Germany the Name and the address of the organization accepting in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan a claim (offer) from consumers Representative office of LLC Sona-Pharm in Almaty, RK Almaty, Gogol St. 77/87, office 68
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