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Yunienzim with ICS (20 tablets)




Unienzim – effective fermental remedy for elimination of disturbances of digestion. Provides improvement of processes of digestion and absorption, normalization of a chair. Causes relief of symptoms accompanying disturbances of digestion such as abdominal distension, dyspepsia, eructation, feeling of overpopulation and accumulation of gases in an abdominal cavity, etc.
Latin name: YuNIENZIM with Ministry of Railways / UNIENZYME with MPS.
Structure and Packaging: Unienzim with Ministry of Railways of a tablet, coated, on 20 or 100 pieces in packing. 1 tablet Unienzim with Ministry of Railways contains: fungal diastase of 20 mg, papain of 30 mg, simetikon 50 mg, activated carbon of 75 mg, niacinamide of 25 mg.
Property / Action: Unienzim – digestive fermental drug of versatile action which eliminates dyspepsia of various etiology. Unienzim renders the proteolytic, amylolytic, lipolytic, adsorbing, carminative action, reduces gas generation. Unienzim contains enzymes of plant and fungal origin – the fungal diastase received from the culture of Aspergillus oryzae, papain, activated carbon, surfactant simetikon, niacinamide. Vegetable enzymes – the Fungal diastase and Papain – are most effective at rn 5 (acidity level right after meal) that causes their activity not only in intestines, but also in a stomach. The fungal diastase has a number of differences from pancreatic. The fungal diastase is received at cultivation of a strain of culture of Aspergillus oryzae, consists of two types: alpha and the beta amylase having the significant enzymatic properties concerning starch splitting. Degree of ability to splitting of starch at a fungal diastase in the tablets Unienzima makes 1:800 (1 part of a fungal diastase is capable to split 800 parts of starch). Besides, enzyme of a pancreas is active in narrower range of pH while the fungal diastase is active both in acid (stomach), and in alkaline (intestines) Wednesday: at znachennyakh pH from 3.5 to 8.5. Unlike pancreatic enzyme which shows close affinity to specific substrate the fungal diastase possesses wider range of peptic activity. Papain – the proteolytic enzyme received from juice of crude fruits of a papaya (Carica Papaya). It consists generally of mix of papain and a khimopapain. Enzyme promotes the proteolysis, including hardly assimilable, working both in acid, and in the alkaline environment (at values rn from 5.0 to 8.0), at the same time its action is similar to that of natural enzyme of pepsin. Thereof Papain is used both at gipoatsidny, and at hyperacid states Pepsin is inactive at value rn higher than 4.5. Simetikon (methylpolysiloxane – Ministry of Railways) – the substance having the antimaking foam activity. Reducing surface intention of vials of gas and causing thus their association, simetikon reduces an abdominal distension and discomfort caused by a meteorism. The released gas is adsorbed and/or removed in the natural way. Simetikon is not soaked up in a digestive tract and in not changed look is brought from an organism with a stake, i.e. is physiologically inert. Simetikon is used in combination with enzymes for relief of symptoms of an accumulation of gases, swelling of intestines and an eructation. He is applied as a part of complex therapy at treatment of many diseases which are followed by such phenomena of a meteorism as an aerophagia, functional dyspepsia, spasms of a large intestine or a divertuculosis. The activated carbon which is a part of the drug Unienzim with Ministry of Railways is an effective enterosorbent, promotes absorption of gases (as a result of it symptoms of a meteorism and swelling in an abdominal cavity are facilitated) and toxins. Activated carbon is applied to reduction of an accumulation of gases in intestines, in diarrhea and the intestines pain caused by disturbance of digestion and the accompanying spasms. In a complex with enzymes and simetikony Activated carbon increases efficiency of the drug Unienzim with Ministry of Railways. Niacinamide (RR vitamin) is included into complex group of vitamins B, participates in metabolism of carbohydrates, promotes improvement of a vermicular movement of intestines, is necessary for activity of normal intestinal microflora. Niacinamide is used by an organism as Niacinum source. In an organism niacinamide turns into nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) or in nikotinamidadenindinukleotidfosfat (NADF). OVER and NADF – physiologically active forms which are carrying out the vital role in a metabolism (as coenzymes for many types of the proteins catalyzing the redoxreactions extremely necessary for breath of fabrics). The instant cover of the drug Unienzim with Ministry of Railways provides hashing of digestive enzymes with food already in a stomach that promotes faster and best splitting of food.
Pharmacokinetics: The therapeutic effect of the drug Unienzim with Ministry of Railways is cumulative action of its components therefore carrying out pharmacokinetic researches is not possible.
Indications: Unienzim with Ministry of Railways is applied at disturbances of processes of digestion and nutritive absorption in a digestive tract:
dyspepsias: to an eructation and the sick made by unusual food or overeating, feeling of overflow of a stomach, abdominal discomfort (for treatment and prevention),
gastritis with reduced secretion, low activity of pepsin of gastric juice,
insufficiency of vneshnesekretorny function of a pancreas, chronic pancreatitis, liver diseases,
a meteorism, including during the postoperative period (for treatment and prevention), Unienzim with Ministry of Railways is an effective remedy for training of the patient for ultrasound examination of abdominal organs, before gastroscopy and a X-ray analysis (for obtaining more sharp image).

Route of administration and doses: Unienzim appoint inside (without chewing) on 1 tablet 1–2 times a day after a meal.
Overdose: Data on overdose of the drug Unienzim with Ministry of Railways are absent.
acute pancreatitis,
acute gastrointestinal diseases,
hypersensitivity to drug Unienzim components with Ministry of Railways.

Use during pregnancy and a lactation: Unienzim can be applied at pregnancy and feeding by a breast according to the recommendation of the doctor (appoint with care).
Side effects: In view of balance of the Unienzim components with Ministry of Railways it is well transferred. Maybe: allergic reactions, erubescence (especially persons and necks).
Special instructions and precautionary measures: In case of deterioration in health or emergence of side effects it is necessary to see a doctor.
Medicinal interaction: Medicinal interaction of the drug Unienzim with Ministry of Railways is not described.
Storage conditions: To store in the place protected from moisture at a temperature not above 25 °C. Expiration date: 2 g. Prescription status – without prescription.


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