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Vitaon (Karavayeva Balm) 30 ml of balm for oral


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VITAON balm for ezhedny cavity care rtasostav
Oil officinal herbs extract: mints, camomiles, a wormwood, fennel, a yarrow, buds of a pine, dogrose, a calendula, a thyme, caraway seeds, a celandine, St. John’s wort, the radio composition containing mint and fennel oils, camphor. Packing
the 30th mlpharmakologichesky action
VITAON KARAVAYEV BALM for ezhedn oral cavity care:
– anti-inflammatory, antimicrobic action, – prevents inflammation and bleeding of gums and a mucous oral cavity, – protects from periodontosis and cervical caries, – accelerates process of healing at microinjuries of an oral cavity and stomatitises, – the anesthetizing action,
the Route of administration and doses
At oral cavity care to apply balm on gums and the surface of an oral cavity in the morning and in the evening after toothbrushing. For this purpose: – to pour in ½ teaspoons of balm in an oral cavity and by means of language to apply balm on an internal and outer surface of gums and mucous a mouth or – to stir ½ teaspoons of balm in ¼ glasses of boiled water of room temperature and to rinse an oral cavity. At sensitive gum care: – To apply 2-3 ml of balm with a cotton plug on area of gums, slightly massing them, or to put in the form of appliques on tampons (cotton or gauze) in number of 5-10 ml for 10-15 minutes. 2 times a day in the morning and for the night, if necessary before each meal are recommended to apply balm.
To Store storage conditions at the room temperature.


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