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Toadish stone oil 50g camelina biobalzam


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are a part of drug:

Demineralized water.
SE-PF emulsifier.
Soy vegetable oil, belsit DM-350 (dimetikon).
Propylene glycol.
Medical vaseline.
Cetyl stearyl alcohol (Nafol 16-18H).
Extract of a sabelnik.
Extract of a chistyak.
N. Liposentol.
Oil of seeds of a saffron milk cap.
Fragrance ‘Japanese tea’.
Chlorophyll E 141 types 100.
In a tuba of 50 ml of biobalm. In a pack a cardboard 1 tuba.


For elimination of articulate and muscular pains, sciatica, rheumatism, osteochondrosis.
For elimination of the ‘ache’ of joints caused by a weather changing.
For restoration of fabrics during the posttraumatic period (fractures, bruises, stretchings).
For a relaxation of muscular tension, removal of fatigue and puffiness.
It is recommended to people 50 years for maintenance of the immune system and prevention of development of various diseases are more senior.

Clinical pharmacology

Biobalzam on the basis of specially picked up plants used in homeopathy and traditional medicine for improvement and strengthening of articulate and muscle tissues.
ZHABY STONE biobalm kills local joint and muscles pains, prevents process of adjournment of salts, rassasyvat tumors of the affected joints, promotes fast restoration of bone and cartilaginous tissue during the posttraumatic period, muscular tension relaxs, restores the volume of active movements.
The fluffweed (chistyak) – a perennial plant of family of a crowfoot family, grows in crude meadow places, long ago and is successfully used in homeopathy.
The fluffweed fruit (multihazel grove) contains gum, which part the most valuable component – calcic salt of arabikovy acid – the powerful activator mineral is (kaltsiyevo – phosphoric), of exchange and the regulator of permeability of fabrics.
A saffron milk cap – an oily brassica.
Grows in mountain meadows of Armenia, the Caucasus, the Alps.
Contains record amount of vitamin E, the most powerful antioxidant protecting an organism from destructive influence of free radicals, vitamins A, D, To, carotene, a chlorophyll And yes the main intracellular microelements of M and To, to promoting relaxation of muscles and activation of the enzymes regulating carbohydrate metabolism and power processes at the cellular level.
Kills local joint and muscles pains, prevents adjournment of salts.
Promotes improvement krovo- and lymphokineses, stimulations of a metabolism.
Removes the muscular stress, fatigue, puffiness, increases the volume of active movements.
Increases energy potential of bioactive points of a body, reduces sensation of discomfort.
Carries out nutritious support to connective tissues.


Individual intolerance of components of balm.

Side effect

of Side effects is not revealed.

The route of administration and doses

is put to Balsas with easy massage movements.

To Store storage conditions at a temperature from 5 °C to 20 °C.
Expiration date: 2 years.
To store in places inaccessible for children.
Not to use after expiry date.


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