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Superchistotelo 1 ml of liq. ext.




The instruction for use of Superchistotelo 1ml’superchistotelo’ – an effective remedy for removal of warts and papillomas which develop on a body in increasing frequency with age. This drug was developed and patented by the Russian experts and approved by the Russian Ministry of Health. Clinical trials showed 100gspekh. Superchistotelo, eliminating defects, never provokes emergence of new. For full removal of warts and papillomas there are enough only several drops.
Indications: it is recommended for removal excessively of the keratosic sites of skin (a wart, papilloma).
Ingredients: sodium a hydroxide, potassium a hydroxide, the distilled water.
Route of administration: cosmetic Superchistotelo liquid is applied on the keratosic sites of skin. In 1 – 2 day the peeling begins and on 3 – 5 put clarification. Larger sites are recommended to be processed repeatedly. On course 1 – 3 – 5 procedures. Superchistotelo works more effectively if before the procedure to steam out the defective place.
Prevention: not to use in a face. It is not recommended to children up to 5 years.
Type of packaging bottle of 1 ml.
Expiration date of 36 months.


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