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Solcoseryl 10% gel in 20g tube


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The instruction for medical use

of Solkoseril Torgovoye medicine a name

Mezhdunarodnoye the unlicensed name
Is not present

the Dosage form

1 g of gel contains
active agent – deproteined hemoderivative from blood of milk calfs (Bos Taurus) standardized chemically and biologically 4.15 mg,
excipients: propilparagidroksibenzoat, metilpara-hydroxybenzoate, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, propylene glycol, lactate calcium pentahydrate, water for injections, lactic acid and/or solution of sodium of hydroxide of 27%.

The description
From colourless till slightly yellowish color, homogeneous, transparent gel, with a slight smell of a solkoseril (the pleasant, reminding smell of beef-infusion broth).

Pharmacotherapeutic group
Drugs for treatment of wounds and ulcers
Other drugs for hyper scarring treatment.
The ATX D03AX code
the Pharmacological

Pharmacokinetics as a result of properties of researches low system absorption of active agent was found.
A pharmacodynamics
Solkoseril – deproteined hemoderivative from blood of milk calfs (Bos taurus) which contains a wide range of low-molecular components of cellular weight and blood serum of milk calfs.
– increases reparative and regenerative processes
– promotes activization of aerobic metabolic processes and oxidizing phosphorylation
– increases consumption of oxygen and stimulates glucose transport in the cells which are in hypoxia conditions
– increases collagen synthesis, stimulates proliferation of cells
Solkoseril protects fabrics from a hypoxia and nutrient deficiency, promotes restoration of normal functioning of fabrics with reversible damages and promotes acceleration of process of healing of wounds.

– fresh wounds (grazes, cuts)
– burns 1 and 2 degrees (solar and chemical)
– ulcers
– frostbites
– decubituses

the Route of administration and doses
Solkoseril apply gel outwardly. Solkoseril gel is applied directly on a wound surface after preliminary clarification of a wound using disinfecting solution. Before an initiation of treatment of trophic ulcers and also in cases of purulent infection of a wound the preliminary surgical treatment is necessary. Solkoseril gel is applied on fresh wounds, wounds with damp separated, on ulcers with the phenomena the moknutiya also is applied at the initial stages of treatment at all above-mentioned types of defeats.
Solkoseril gel is applied with a thin layer on the cleaned wound 2-3 times a day. Solkoseril’s use gel continues before formation of the expressed granulyatsionny fabric on the damaged surface of skin and drying of a wound.
For treatment of heavy trophic injuries of skin and soft tissues simultaneous use of the parenteral Solkoserila forms is recommended.
– allergic reactions in the form of a small tortoiseshell, regional dermatitis
– short-term burning in the site of application

of the Contraindication
– hypersensitivity to drug components

Medicinal interactions
Solkoseril’s Interaction gel with other medicines of local action is not established.

Special instructions
Solkoseril gel should not be applied on the polluted wound as Solkoseril gel does not contain anti-infectious components in the structure.
Solkoseril gel should be applied with care at predisposition to allergic reactions.
Solkoseril gel is applied to treatment of trophic defeats of fabrics of various origin only after removal from a wound of nekrotizirovanny fabrics.
In case of pain, reddening of sites of skin near the site of application of Solkoseril gel, secretion discharges from a wound, temperature increase it is necessary to see a doctor urgently. If at Solkoseril’s use gel is not observed healing of an affected area within 2-3 weeks, it is necessary to see a doctor.
Use in pediatrics
Use of drug at children’s age is possible.
Pregnancy and lactation
Use of drug for treatment of pregnant women and the feeding women perhaps on doctor’s orders if the expected advantage for mother exceeds potential risk for a fruit and the child.
Influence on ability to run the vehicle or potentially dangerous mechanisms
does not influence


the Form of release and packing
On 20 g of drug is not established place in tubas aluminum with a membrane and a plastic cap (polypropylene of high density), with internal coating on the basis of epoxy-phenolic pitches.
On 1 tuba together with the instruction for medical use in the state and Russian languages place in a pack from cardboard.

To Store storage conditions at a temperature not above 30 °C.
To store out of children’s reach!

A period of storage
of 5 years
the use Period after opening of a tuba – 4 weeks.
Not to apply after an expiration date.

Prescription status
Without prescription

the Producer
of Legasi Pharmasyyutikals Switzerland Ryurbergstrasse
21, 4127 GmbH Birsfelden, Switzerland

the Owner of the registration certificate
of Pharmasyyutikals HONEY Switzerland GmbH,
Switzerland Hegnaustrasse 60, 8602 Vangen-Bryuttizellen, Switzerland

the Address of the organization accepting in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan claims from consumers on quality of products
Representation Pharmasyyutikalz HONEY Switzerland GmbH in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Almaty, Dostyk Ave. 97, office 8, ph. +7 727 264-17-94, fax: + 7 727 264-17-71
E-mail address:


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