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Pedikulen Ultra 50 ml lotion lice and nits




Appointment: for extermination of head and pubic louses and their eggs (nits) at adults and children since 5 years.
Route of administration: hair of the head and hairy parts of a body (at a pubic pediculosis) plentifully humidify with means, slightly rubbing it in skin. In 30 minutes after drawing means to wash away it flowing water from the processed parts of a body, then to wash up them in the usual way. To comb hair of the head a fine-tooth comb for removal of the died insects. In repeated infection to repeat processing.
Precautionary measures: it is not necessary to process children up to 5 years pregnant and feeding shchenshchin, people with diseases and damages of hairy parts of a body and head, with manifestations of hypersensitivity to means components.
Ingredients: isopropyl alcohol, water the demineralized, aniseed oil, capric acid.
Storage: in densely closed container, separately from foodstuff and medicines at a temperature from -30 °C to +30 °C
the Expiration date: 2 years


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