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Kit Dikulja 125 larkspur Warming ml balm body




Body balm warming ‘Zhivokost of 12 natural active components’ of a series ‘the First-aid kit of Dikulya’Sostav: water, stearic acid, glycerin, sunflower oil, cetearyl alcohol, tsetearilsulfat sodium, a laurilsulf of sodium, lanolin, propylene glycol, chondroitin sulfate, oil extracts of pepper, a dogrose, a burdock, skullcap, a gold mustache, a sabelnik, propilenglikolevy extract of a comfrey (zhivokost), oil radio a tea tree, D-panthenol, ant alcohol, a mummy, N-4nitro-2-fenoksifenil, metansulfonamid, sodium hydroxide, tetrautilgidrokhinon, lemon acid, perfumery composition phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, dye sugar dye, benzyl salicylate, limonene, hexyl tsinnamat, butylphenyl methylpropional the Route of administration: balm is applied with circular motions within 3-5 minutes before full absorption 2-3 times a day. Whenever possible to provide heat and rest. Duration of use is 3-5 weeks of the Contraindication: individual intolerance of components. Side effects are not revealed. In case of allergic reactions to stop use and to consult with the doctor. Made: 000 KorolyovPharm, 141074, Russian Federation, Moskovskayaobl. Mr. Koroleul. Pionerskaya, 4 pozakazu000 NGO ForaPharm’, 129626, Russian Federation, Moscow, Kulakov Lane, 9, building 1 of Ph. for consumers: (495) 686-08-42Соответствует TR CU 09/2011


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