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KardioAktiv vitamins for heart 0.25g (30 capsules)




The cardioasset vitamins for heart Strengthening of heart and vessels For maintenance of vigorous cardiac performance needs to be saturated the daily food allowance with vitamins necessary for heart. As a part of special vitamins for heart of KardioAktiv there is what is necessary for maintenance of health of heart: coenzyme Q10, folic acid, B6 and B12 vitamins. Evidence-based structure of KardioAktiv vitamins for heart are components which play a key role in maintenance of health of heart. Main of them – Q 10 coenzyme. · Thanks to the maximum content of coenzyme Q10 – 60 mg in one capsule – Kardioaktiv vitamins promote development of additional energy for maintenance of normal cardiac performance and to delay of processes of aging. · Help to strengthen heart and vessels. Why these vitamins are included in structure of the KardioAktiv complex vitamins for heart? Coenzyme Q10 is the best vitamin for heart as it promotes the power generation necessary for its work. Cardiologists say that the age of heart is measured by quantity Q 10. However production of coenzyme Q10 in an organism decreases with age. Researches showed that if the level of coenzyme Q10 falls for 25%, then bodies and systems have energy shortage: there are cardiovascular diseases connected with deterioration in biopower metabolism of a cardiac muscle. As a result, cardiac performance worsens, there is a fast fatigue, the activity decreases, the immunity weakens. To fill a lack of Q10, having increased its consumption with food, it is very difficult because the maintenance of Q10 in the majority of products is small. So that to bring necessary quantity of Q10 in an organism – and these are not less than 60 mg a day – in day it is necessary to eat 800 g of beef or 1 kg of peanut. It is scientifically proved that daily additional administration of drugs with the content of coenzyme Q10 helps to strengthen heart and vessels, rejuvenates an organism due to restoration of cellular respiration and increases duration of active life. It is possible to begin intake of coenzyme Q10 at any age, but to people 40 years are more senior it is regularly desirable to do it. Folic acid is also important for health of heart and vessels. It is necessary for development of a blood system, participates in a hemopoiesis, promotes normal forming of red blood cells. Also folic acid positively influences exchange of a number of vitamins and cholesterol, supports normal exchange of amino acids. It means that heart and vessels will be healthy and will continue to work at full capacity. It is important to know that folic acid is not produced and does not collect in an organism therefore its stock needs to be filled up daily. For maintenance of health of a cardiovascular system the obligatory enrichment of products with folic acid is even entered into the USA since 1997. B6 vitamin participates in exchange of proteins, fats, cholesterol. It is necessary for assimilation by an organism of amino acids and irreplaceable fatty acids. B6 vitamin participates in regulation of lipometabolism in a liver and formation of hemoglobin and promotes normal forming of red blood cells. In lack of B6 vitamin blood becomes more dense and inclined to form the clots corking arteries. Additional intake of B6 vitamin together with B12 vitamin interferes with arterial occlusion. B12 vitamin plays an important role in metabolism of amino acids. The lack of B12 vitamin leads ment of partial or secondary insufficiency of folic acid. Structure 1 capsule (daily reception) contains the Mass of % of RSN Coenzyme Q10 of 60 mg 200 * Mg B6 2 vitamin 100 B12 1 Vitamin of mkg 100 Folic acid of 200 mkg 100 * Does not exceed the top acceptable level of daily consumption Additional information the Route of administration to Adults and children 14 years on 1 capsule at meal time are more senior once a day. Reception duration – is not recommended not less than 30 days Individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, feeding by a breast. Before use it is recommended to consult with the doctor. The document SWAMP-SUBORS No. KZ. from 31.12.2013. Form of release of Capsule No. 30


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