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KardioAktiv Omega-3 1g capsule 30s




Cardioasset the Omega For active life of your heart the Omega-3 were found by the Danish scientists in the 70th years. They with confidence could say that the reason of absence of cardiovascular diseases at the population of Greenland, was the regular use of the products containing the Omega-3. For today scientists conducted more than 5000 researches Omega-3 that made it the most studied natural component. PNZhK Omega-3 are irreplaceable fatty acids, they are not synthesized in a human body and their receipt with a usual food allowance in most cases insufficiently. Therefore if you wish to support health of the heart, then it is necessary to use polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids daily. For production of dietary supplement KardioAktiv® the Omega is used natural fish oil from an Atlantic salmon with the high content of polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids (PNZhK) not less than 35%. One dietary supplement capsule KardioAktiv® Omega contains 1000 mg of fish oil of the Norwegian salmon. КардиоАктив® Omega · Improves a functional condition of a cardiovascular system · Promotes maintenance normal of cholesterol level · Supports a tone of the vascular system of KardioAktiv® Omega – for active life of your heart! A biological role of PNZhK Omega-3 PNZhK Omega-3 are structural components of cells of heart, blood, a brain, blood vessels. They regulate such important properties of cellular membranes as permeability, microviscosity, excitability. Various processes of activity of an organism depend on these properties of cellular membranes: signaling between neurons, activity of work of a brain, a condition of a retina of an eye and many others. PNZhK Omega-3 are construction material for education in an organism of the major class of biologically active agents – eicosanoids. Eicosanoids possess a wide range of biological effect: support rheological properties of blood, a tone of blood vessels and bronchial tubes, keep normal blood pressure, raise the immune status, support structure and a condition of mucous membranes. PNZhK Omega-3 show the significant antioxidant activity. 1 capsule (daily reception) contains structure: The mass of % of RSN Fish zhirv that number of PNZhK Omega-3 1000 mg350 mg 17.5 Additional information the Route of administration to Adults and children are more senior than 14 years on 1 capsule a day at meal time. Reception duration — 1 month, if necessary reception can be repeated. The Individual intolerance of components is not recommended. Before use it is recommended to consult with the doctor. Form of release of the Capsule No. 30 Mass of Capsule 1.0g Document SWAMP-SUBORS No. RU. of 09.08.2013.


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