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Gorpils tasteful raspberry lozenges 24’s





Extract of fruits of an emblika of medicinal 10 mg.
Extract of a root of a licorice of naked 15 mg.
Extract of a root of ginger of medicinal 10 mg.
Peppermint of 7 mg.
Extract of a root of a turmeric of long 40 mg.
In 1 strip 4 pastils. In a cardboard pack of 6 strips.

It is recommended as dietary supplement to food – a source of the glycyrrhizic acid containing flavonoids, tannins and menthol.
Clinical pharmacology
Dietary supplement to food. Is not medicine.
Main vegetable components of pastils of GORPILS:

The licorice naked
Is included in structure owing to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Licorice glycyrrhizic acid actively promotes softening of the angry mucous membrane of a throat.
In traditional medicine of the countries of the East is widely used as spice which favorably works in cough, possesses spasmolytic and anti-inflammatory action.
Emblika medicinal
According to ‘Ayurveda’ promotes simplification of cough, besides helps reduction of myxopoiesis with upper airways due to anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and antioxidant properties inherent in this curative plant.
The turmeric long
Since ancient times in India is applied as the spice possessing expressed by the stimulating and anti-inflammatory action that does it useful at irritation of a throat, long cough and also explains its efficiency in acute cold.
The peppermint
Has great flavoring and medicinal properties. Mint contains menthol – the traditional ingredient having ability to calm and soften the angry throat provides the pleasant cooling effect. This effect is explained by its mestnoanesteziruyushchy properties concerning a mucous membrane of a throat.
Route of administration and doses

Adult: to accept 2-3 pastils a day at meal time (slowly rassasyvy in a mouth). The maximum daily dose of 4-5 pastils in day.
Duration of reception is 1-2 weeks.


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