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Ginkgo biloba (40 coated tablets)




Ginkgo of a bilob Evalar Opisaniye With Biloba’s Ginkgo Evalar the head always clear, memory – excellent! In Japan, Korea, China the relic tree of a ginkgo is considered a symbol of firmness and longevity. Extract of leaves of a tree of a ginkgo feeds a brain, gives clarity of consciousness, improves memory, activates thought processes and slows down aging of a brain. Dietary supplement on its basis – some of the most demanded, their annual sales in the world exceed one billion dollars. Among dietary supplements for normalization of cerebral circulation on the basis of extract there is a ginkgo one of the most popular – Biloba’s Ginkgo Evalar *. Actively affecting brain vessels, improving rheological properties (fluidity) of blood, extract of a ginkgo contributes to normalization of its blood supply and increase in intellectual working capacity. Not accidentally more than 60% of elderly patients in Germany and more than 70% – in France constantly accept dietary supplements on the basis of ginkgo extract! Biloba Evalar promotes a ginkgo: to improvement of cerebral circulation, increase in intellectual working capacity, improvement of memory and attention, decrease in meteosensitivity. In each tablet of the Ginkgo of Biloba Evalar – 40 mg of the German standardized extract of a ginkgo of a bilob with the high content of active agents. Structure 1 tablet (daily reception) contains the Mass of % of RSN ginkgo Extract bilobav that number flavonolovy glycosides 40 mg7.9 mg 26 Glycine of 20 mg * according to DSM Group. Additional information the Route of administration the Adult on 1 tablet once a day at meal time. Reception duration – not less than 3 weeks. Reception is recommended to repeat 3 times a year. It is not recommended At individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, feeding by a breast. Before use it is necessary to consult with the doctor. Document SWAMP-SUBORS No. KZ. of 10.12.2013. Form of release of Tablet No. 40


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