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Finays 75 ml gel cooling and warming the applicator roller




Okhlazhdayushche-razogrevayushchy gel in a convenient form of release – the roller applicator. Has natural Ingredients: menthol, alcohol and eucalyptus oil, and therefore is safe for use for pregnant women and children. Does not contain NPVS! How does FINANCIAL ICE gel work? In 1 phase, right after putting gel on a healthy place, menthol lowers temperature of soft tissues, activating specific receptors. They in turn give cryesthesia to a brain and reflex cause vasoconstriction and reduction of inflow of blood. And evaporation of ethanol cools skin in the place of applique. Everything together leads to the fact that skin is cooled, inflammation, hypostasis and morbidity decreases. (In 10-15 minutes) menthol and eucalyptus oil stimulate blood circulation in the 2nd phase, strengthen exchange processes and supply of fabrics with oxygen, i.e. have the warming effect. FINANCIAL ICE can be applied at the following states: In pain and tension in muscles after intensive physical activity (sports, lifting of weights), the Chilled neck, a back at stay on a draft or under the conditioner Pregnant in back pains in the late stages of pregnancy, In a headache if use of medicines inside is not recommended, In the traveller’s first-aid kit for use in bruises, After a sting of insects (removes an itching). The roller applicator of FINANCIAL ICE allows: Not to soil hands, Without problems to apply on remote sites of a neck and back, to Economically spend gel in comparison with those in tubes. How to use FINANCIAL ICE? To apply gel on painful sites 3-4 times a day with circular massage movements, to Avoid hit in eyes, on open wounds, mucous membranes.


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